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Our Team

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. has a very high-standard for our service – as our Clients deserve. This high standard starts with education for our customers. We are happy to provide consultations with homeowners and property managers so that their marble floors and other stone always shine.

Next, our stone technicians are the people who are responsible for putting out our quality finished product. We have only full-time service personnel who are dedicated to our “art” of marble restoration, marble polishing, and marble cleaning working for our organization. We will NEVER sub-contract labor. Currently you will find any one of our members, from 8 years of loyal service to 18 years working for our company.

Point-MeetingCMR believes in the utilization of newer stone repair technologies and is a proud member of the SRN (the Stone Repair Network). This community of Stone Polishing and Stone Restoration experts is an excellent asset and tool for sharing information about the latest products available on the market – as well as the greatest “tricks of the trade.” This helps to set us aside from all of the others.

We are focused on the beautification of South Florida – one stone at a time!” — Devin Vance

Devin VanceOur Team

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