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Jamaica Marble Restoration

jamaica-marble-restorationJamaica is the fourth largest island country in the Caribbean by area. Famous for its scenic beaches and mountain ranges, Jamaica’s tropical climate supports a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals. The country’s location in the Caribbean Sea, 90 miles south of Cuba and 119 miles west of Hispaniola, makes it a popular tourist stop for ocean liners and cruise ships. The country’s motto is: “Out of Many, One People.”

Marble and Stone Restoration Services in Jamaica

When it comes to Jamaica marble polishing and restoration services, no one does it better than Classic Marble Restoration Inc. Founded in 1999 by a father and son team that took on small, residential jobs, CMR is now a powerhouse player in the natural stone restoration industry. They’ve since expanded their services to take on bigger jobs like commercial properties and superyachts. CMR has done work on the Fontainebleau,  and Versace Mansion.

Quality Jamaica Marble Polishing

In addition to marble and granite, CMR also specializes in stone services for limestone, travertine, onyx and terrazzo floors, showers and countertops. These stones are revered in all parts of the world for their luxurious qualities and instant affluence appeal. However, like all precious things in life, they must be maintained if they are to keep their beauty.

Jamaica Marble Restoration to the Rescue

Are your natural stone showers, floors, and countertops looking worn? Jamaica’s proximity to the harsh salty air can cause these beautiful natural stones to decay over time. Foot traffic, stains, spills and regular use can also be the culprit in deteriorating the look of your classic stone materials. Don’t wait another day! Call a professional who can buff, shine, and restore your marble tiles to their original lustrous quality.

Stone professionals service all our marble restoration projects. We use full-time, in-house staff to service all our Jamaica marble polishing projects. Give us a call today at (866) 578 3600 to get a free quote on your marble tile restoration job.

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