Marble and Natural Stone Sealing Services

So you’ve installed you new marble floors or any other popular natural stone found in many South Florida home, congratulations!  Now, what’s the next step?

Stone sealing, of course!


Many customers of Classic Marble Restoration always ask us whether natural stone should be sealed.  In many cases, the answer is yes.  If you’re looking to protect your newly installed marble, granite, terrazzo or other natural stone, sealing is the best way to do it.  Once sealed by a professional stone sealing company, the stone is protected against everyday dirt and spills.

Here is a list of factors to consider when contemplating marble or natural stone sealing:

  • What type of stone is it?  What’s the density?
  • Is the stone a naturally porous stone and how fast does it absorb liquids?
  • When the marble or natural stone was installed, what type of finsih was applied?
  • If sealed, will the sealant affect the natural color of the marble or stone?
  • Where is the stone located? Is it a countertop, floor, outdoors, etc.?

These are all factors to consider prior to having your floors sealed.  For questions regarding marble and stone sealing contact Classic Marble Restoration today.  With over 30 years of natural stone restoration service experience, Classic Marble is your go-to stone sealing team!  Call us today!

Devin VanceMarble and Natural Stone Sealing Services

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