When Only the Best Stone Restoration Service Will Do!

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. is licensed, insured and leads the way in the industry as the top company in South Florida to provide cleaning, polishing and restoration of almost all natural stone. Skilled in restoring, honing, repairing, cleaning and sealing Marble, Travertine, Granite, Onyx, Limestone and Terrazzo, Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. provides services to residential and commercial properties. We also extend our services to help beautify yachts!

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. places the customer first by: treating each customer’s property with respect and maintaining cleanliness; ensuring furniture remains undamaged by procedures; providing free estimates; educating customers in optimal care for their natural stone surfaces; and using state-of-the-art techniques and procedures to ensure the best of care if used.

Marble cleaning becomes a necessary process to sustain its aesthetic appearance. This procedure may be desired every year to two years, depending upon the amount of traffic experienced on any given area of floor. At times, it can appear that marble is stained when, in fact, it is simply “etching” that is viewable. Etching is not a stain per se, but is a surface discoloration that can occur from various acidic substances, such as vinegar, bleach, citric acid and even hair spray. Stains result from substances seeping into the stone. Some may be extracted while others cannot. It is important to use the right substances for proper floor cleaning. At Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. we help educate customers on the right methods and substances to use on marble to keep it looking its best.

Natural stone polishing effectively restores a floor’s natural glow. Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. provides the finest in services by offering the best customer service, product education, education on different types of flooring and which procedures and cleansers are best for particular types of natural stone flooring. Some natural stone flooring is more porous than other types. Using the right cleansers and polishing techniques ensures that a floor can be beautifully preserved.

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Devin VanceWhen Only the Best Stone Restoration Service Will Do!

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