How to Care for Granite Floors or Countertops

Granite, whether used for a countertop or floors, makes a lovely addition to any South Florida home. It is a durable material that with the proper care will look great for a long time. In most cases, upon installation, your granite floor or countertop was sealed to help protect the stone from everyday use.  But with a little extra daily care, the granite will last a long time.

It is important to learn how to clean granite properly. The sealer that is applied to the granite can easily become damaged from a lot of commonly used household cleaners. Anything with citrus or bleach will cause the sealer to break down leaving the granite open to stains and damage.  So try and avoid anything like this or with high acidic content.

Steps to Simple Granite Cleaning

Granite cleaning is not a difficult task when a few simple steps are followed. The first step on how to clean granite is to wipe up any spills as soon as possible. Any substance that is acidic in nature will eat through the sealer if not wiped up quickly. Secondly, wipe up food particles with a damp kitchen sponge. This will clean up the mess without causing any scratches. For deep granite cleaning, use a cleaner specially made for granite. After a good cleaning, consider a granite conditioner to help restore the beautiful shine.

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Devin VanceHow to Care for Granite Floors or Countertops

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