How to Care for Terrazzo Floors or Countertops

Terrazzo is a material that is a mix of marble, granite, glass, concrete and/or epoxy that is used in many floors and countertops throughout South Florida. While it is beautiful, it does require certain care to maintain it properly.  As always, we like to offer simple DIY advice for smaller terrazzo cleaning jobs, but for larger terrazzo restoration projects, always call the professionals at Classic Marble Restoration.


It’s important to understand which products you use to clean your terrazzo floors and countertops, because it requires only Ph-neutral cleaners. Other solutions can be acidic, which would eat away at the flooring or countertops. If a spill occurs on your terrazzo, wipe it up immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Delaying could damage the material and cause more expensive decay or deterioration. Next, be sure to use your Ph-neutral terrazzo cleaning solution to clean the surface – sometime a simple warm water solution is best.

What not to put on your terrazzo

What not to put on terrazzo is as important as how to clean terrazzo. It is important not to put anything on the surface that could scratch it, like the bottom of a metal pan or pot. On the floor, grime from shoes can easily damage the floors. A simple tip: have people remove their shoes or use a mat where they can thoroughly clean their footwear.  This can not only save time in daily cleaning and maintenance, but save time and money when it comes to long term terrazzo restoration and cleaning.

If you have any questions about terrazzo cleaning or care that aren’t answered here, contact Classic Marble Restoration today. For larger restoration projects, as well as commercial terrazzo restoration projects for hotels, yachts and condo association, we’d be happy to offer a FREE project estimate.


Devin VanceHow to Care for Terrazzo Floors or Countertops

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