Caring for Your Granite Floors

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Classic Marble Restoration Inc. offers professional granite repair at commercial and residential properties. Granite is a beautiful stone available in a variety of colors that makes it perfect for countertops, floors and fireplaces. All of these surfaces collect grime from food preparation, foot traffic or soot, requiring a specialized granite cleaning method to remove.

Porous Material 

While the stone in your home seems durable, it requires a delicate granite restoration process to prevent extensive damage such as deep cracks. When the stone in a building is untreated, we must apply water first to avoid having cleansers seep into the stone. This is because granite is a porous material that absorbs liquids that degrade the stone’s internal structures.

Commercial Cleansers 

Our technicians use a small amount of commercial cleanser on a soft cloth to rub away food stains from countertops or grass stains from floors. For stone that is sealed, our Classic Marble Restoration technicians must use stripping machines to remove the substances that have often yellowed or peeled, leading to an unattractive appearance. This is a labor intensive process to ensure the stone maintains its integrity.

Improving Sheen

Many of our customers also want expert granite polishing to have a high sheen instead of a matte finish on surfaces. The polishing process on stone requires using expensive equipment with diamond discs that shave away a tiny amount of granite. As the stone is removed, the dust is vacuumed immediately to avoid additional scratches.

Devin VanceCaring for Your Granite Floors

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