Caring for Natural Stone Countertops

Specialized Knowledge at Classic Marble Restoration

At Classic Marble, we provide professional natural stone floor care for residential and commercial properties. Our trained technicians have years of experience in this specialized industry to ensure your stone flooring and countertops receive the best treatment with quality products and equipment. Your business or home’s marble, granite or natural stone surfaces require unique care to prevent damage to its surface. We know the correct natural stone cleaning methods to use to prevent abrasions that can lead to unsightly marks. Natural stones like granite and marble stone provide a decorative appearance for any building but requires special treatment that will not spoil its integrity.

Protect Surfaces with Routine Maintenance

Our natural stone cleaning company understands how to clean, polish or restore various materials used for countertops and floors in commercial or residential buildings. In addition to providing the best natural stone floor care, we know how to clean and repair countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Homeowners and property managers should not attempt to clean their home’s natural stone with amateur tools and cleaning solutions that can damage the surface of marble, slate or granite. We can provide additional services such as sealing stone and grouting materials to prevent damage from moisture and pollutants.

For more information on our natural stone cleaning process in South Florida, call or contact us today!

Devin VanceCaring for Natural Stone Countertops

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