Tis the Season to Polish Your Marble, Fa-la-la-la…

Marble-HomeThe holiday season is almost here; and, if you plan on having guests at your home or festivities involving large numbers of people, you want your home to look its best. Why go to all the trouble to clean and decorate if you’re placing your platters on scratched and scuffed surfaces? Marble is a highly porous type of rock and can lose its luster relatively quickly compared to other rocks used in your home. Granite, for example, is a harder surface and requires less polishing than marble. People choose marble for its beauty and its wide variety of natural designs and colors, but that beauty comes with some maintenance to keep it looking its best. This holiday season you want your investment to look its best, so invest in marble polishing products or services.

We often offer our recommended products and surfaces to clients, as well as marble polishing tips for those with the ability to do it themselves. Many people are very DIY-oriented so directions and products can usually work out well to keep up the beauty of their marble when done consistently. However, with everything else to do during the holidays, a large DIY undertaking like marble polishing may not be something people want to invest their time in. Our level of expertise, equipment and industrial grade products enable us to get in and out same day, leaving you with beautiful marble before you even return from work or errands.

You bought a beautiful product when you purchased marble. With the proper maintenance and care, it will stay that way. This holiday season, make your home shine! This time of year gets very busy, so you may wish to have your marble resurfaced or polished now rather than later, so call today to get on the schedule.

Devin VanceTis the Season to Polish Your Marble, Fa-la-la-la…
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Choosing the Right Stone for Your Home

When it comes to choosing a natural stone for your home, you have a variety of options. The types of natural stone each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is better? It really depends on your own personal style preferences and how you wish to use them in your home.

The main thing to consider when choosing a stone for your home is how it will be used. The harder stones, like granite and marble, are best used for areas that will get a lot of usage, like your countertop. Softer stones, like limestone, can be scratched and may be best in places of accent, although many people simply protect their counters using cutting boards, trivets and coasters.

Cleaning and maintaining the stones may also be a factor in the decision you make. Many only require a mild detergent to clean them, but if they are porous, which will allow bacteria to penetrate them, you may need to use harsher cleaning agents. How much work do you want to put in to keep them looking good should play a factor in your decision.

If you are considering a change in your home, Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. can help you to determine which of the natural stones may be right for your home, whether it is travertine, terrazzo or another type of stone.

Devin VanceChoosing the Right Stone for Your Home
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Maintaining Stone’s Sheen

Classic Marble Restoration of Florida provides commercial and residential marble polishing services to help maintain this stone’s sheen. Our trained technicians have worked in a variety of buildings throughout this area for over 10 years. We understand how to care for different types of stone, including granite, quartz and marble to prevent damage from harsh cleansers and tools. Our company uses a specialized machine with diamond particle discs to smooth chips and cracks from stone before vacuuming the fine dust.

Use Soft Cloths

We are happy to provide marble cleaning tips to our clients to help them maintain stone surfaces between professional natural stone restoration appointments. When liquids are spilled on stone countertops or floors, it is a good idea to use a soft cloth to soak up the moisture as quickly as possible. This is because moisture will seep into the porous surface of stone items that do not have sealants. When a stain is left behind by a liquid, never use surfactants with dyes to remove the spots from grout or stone.

Apply Protective Sealants

Our natural stone restoration technicians can remove stains and scratches from tiles located on the interior and exterior of buildings. In addition to removing dirt from floors and countertops carefully, we can replace resins and cements that hold stone tiles firmly in place. To protect marble, quartz or granite from extensive damage caused by dirt, we suggest that clients have us apply fresh coats of wax or sealants.

Devin VanceMaintaining Stone’s Sheen
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Keep that Classic Marble Look with Marble RestorationAC

Nothing says elegance like marble. Whether a classic statue, a stunning floor in a residence or onboard a multi-million dollar yacht, marble restoration service can transform stone into a prized piece of art. When you’re in need of marble restoration services, we here at Classic Marble Restoration are the people to call. A father and son owned operation, we understand the importance of providing our customers the best service from the most highly-skilled restoration technicians.

When it comes to your most prized possessions, leave the work to us. Whether it’s a marble, granite, terrazzo or natural stone surface we are capable of keeping it looking like the treasure it is. While our technicians are trained on various surfaces, we are especially noted for our expertise with terrazzo. Terrazzo cleaning, terrazzo polishing and terrazzo restoration are areas where we take great pride in providing service that’s second-to-none, giving our customers excellent results each and every time.

In addition to restoration services, we also provide natural stone polishing, marble cleaning and sealing services for residential and commercial properties along with yachts. To prevent staining and abnormal wear, we offer stone maintenance programs using state-of-the-art techniques that are dust-free, ensuring all surfaces are maintained to the highest of standards.

With trained professionals offering years of experience, we at Classic Marble Restoration are committed to giving our customers the quality work and dedication they deserve. If you would like a free estimate regarding our services, give us a call toll-free at (866) 578-3600.

Devin VanceKeep that Classic Marble Look with Marble RestorationAC
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Natural Stone and Marble Care

If you reside in South Florida and are looking for top-notch natural stone and marble restoration services, then you can feel comfortable contacting our team at Classic Marble Restoration. Our family-owned business has been in business for over 30 years, so experience is certainly our strong point. We’re dedicated to providing South Florida residents with the finest natural stone and marble care services. Whether you need assistance with restoration, polishing or general cleaning, we’re your go-to team.

At Classic Marble Restoration, we understand the importance of properly caring for marble and natural stone. Whether you have marble and natural stone in your home or in a hotel, care and maintenance are vital. Marble and natural stone are commonly seen in residences, businesses, hotels, yachts and dining establishments. Our company routinely handles marble restoration for hotels. We also frequently handle natural stone repair for hotels.

Whether you’re running a hotel, office or household, Classic Marble Restoration has some handy tips for keeping your natural stone and marble looking flawless and beautiful. It’s important to always protect natural stone and marble with reliable professional grade products.

Refrain from ever using dish detergents to clean natural stone and marble surfaces. Dish soap helps eliminate persistent and unsightly grease from dishes. This is because of its high alkaline components. If you want to keep your natural stone and marble surfaces in tip-top condition, it’s always smart to stay away from high alkalinity, however. Cleaners that have high alkalinity can weaken the defenses of stone impregnators. Stone impregnators are beneficial for keeping stone spotless and stain-free.

If you want to keep marble and natural stone looking as lovely as ever, opt for a cleaner that has a neutral pH. Make sure that the cleaner is labeled as being appropriate for use on stone, too. If you need assistance with marble restoration for hotels, call us now. Do the same if you need natural stone repair for hotels, homes and businesses. Our friendly Classic Marble Restoration staff is waiting for you.

Devin VanceNatural Stone and Marble Care
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When Only the Best Stone Restoration Service Will Do!

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. is licensed, insured and leads the way in the industry as the top company in South Florida to provide cleaning, polishing and restoration of almost all natural stone. Skilled in restoring, honing, repairing, cleaning and sealing Marble, Travertine, Granite, Onyx, Limestone and Terrazzo, Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. provides services to residential and commercial properties. We also extend our services to help beautify yachts!

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. places the customer first by: treating each customer’s property with respect and maintaining cleanliness; ensuring furniture remains undamaged by procedures; providing free estimates; educating customers in optimal care for their natural stone surfaces; and using state-of-the-art techniques and procedures to ensure the best of care if used.

Marble cleaning becomes a necessary process to sustain its aesthetic appearance. This procedure may be desired every year to two years, depending upon the amount of traffic experienced on any given area of floor. At times, it can appear that marble is stained when, in fact, it is simply “etching” that is viewable. Etching is not a stain per se, but is a surface discoloration that can occur from various acidic substances, such as vinegar, bleach, citric acid and even hair spray. Stains result from substances seeping into the stone. Some may be extracted while others cannot. It is important to use the right substances for proper floor cleaning. At Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. we help educate customers on the right methods and substances to use on marble to keep it looking its best.

Natural stone polishing effectively restores a floor’s natural glow. Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. provides the finest in services by offering the best customer service, product education, education on different types of flooring and which procedures and cleansers are best for particular types of natural stone flooring. Some natural stone flooring is more porous than other types. Using the right cleansers and polishing techniques ensures that a floor can be beautifully preserved.

For a FREE estimate on your next marble cleaning, polishing or restoration job, contact us today!

Devin VanceWhen Only the Best Stone Restoration Service Will Do!
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Professional Stone Restoration

Because of the popularity of DIY home improvement shows, we’re seeing a lot more creative and unusual difficulties with stonework in the South Florida area. On the one hand, we understand the potential convenience and satisfaction involved with doing a job yourself. On the other, we’re called in quite often to repair damage caused by poor technique and unskilled restoration companies and services. These are often more complex than the original stone restoration issue. DIY stone cleaning can also pose serious risks to the surface being cleaned.

What advantages do professionals have over DIY?

We have close to 30 years experience with stone restoration, cleaning and polishing in the South Florida area. We are considered local experts in the industry. At Classic Marble, we have worked with both commercial and residential stone cleaning and restoration projects, enjoying a great deal of success in both areas, as well as local awards and recognition. We pride ourselves on using only the best products and equipment, designed for the job at hand. We send highly trained techs to every job we perform.

With a professional, you receive the benefits of training and experience that you can really see in the finished project. With us, you also get world-class customer service and technicians who genuinely care about the job they do for you.

For more information on our professional stone restoration process or for information on marble, terrazzo, granite and other stone cleaning and polishing, call us today!

Devin VanceProfessional Stone Restoration
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Marble and Natural Stone Restoration Maintenance

At Classic Marble Restoration, we take great pride in our work.  With every new completed marble and natural stone restoration job, our experience, craftsmanship and quality of work shines through.  Take advantage of this experience and meticulous work with one of our custom marble and natural stone maintenance plans.

While basic marble and natural stone maintenance should always be a priority for every home or business owner, a more detailed maintenance program is essential to bring back – and keep – the life within your natural stone.

stone-maintenanceMarble and natural stone maintenance comes in different sizes, depending on the location, size and previous upkeep.  Below are a few examples of professional marble and natural stone maintenance procedures:

  • Marble grinding
  • Adding Epoxy
  • Marble stripping
  • Re-sanding
  • Polishing and cleaning
  • Post inspection and walk-through

To map out your marble and natural stone maintenance plan for 2014, call Classic Marble Restoration today.

Devin VanceMarble and Natural Stone Restoration Maintenance
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South Florida’s Only Source for Professional Marble and Natural Stone Restoration

At Classic Marble Restoration, we specialize in marble cleaning and polishing, as well as marble restoration.  For over three decades, we’ve been South Florida’s number one choice for residential and commercial restoration services.

Remember way back when, when your marble floors looked attractive and shined like new?  At Classic Marble Restoration, we bring back those shiny marble floors, countertops and showers with our professional marble restoration services.  Using the latest marble restoration technology, cleaning products and technicians, we remove dull spots, stains, restore and fix cracks and chips, leaving the end product looking like new!


From Miami Beach and the many hotels and condos, all the way north to the Palm Beaches, we’ve serviced South Florida with only the most reliable and professional marble restoration service.

If you are the owner of a single family home, condo, or even commercial space, restraurant or yacht, and your marble is looking dull, it’s time to call South Florida’s go-to team for marble and natural stone restoration.

For questions or for a FREE estimate, call Classic Marble Today!

Devin VanceSouth Florida’s Only Source for Professional Marble and Natural Stone Restoration
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Prevent Long Term Stone Damage – Maintain Your Natural Stone Floors

Like many floor surfaces, including wood and synthetic tile, natural stone floors can become worn, scratched and dull over time.  Basic maintenance is one way to help prevent long term wear and tear.  But what if you have chips, deep scratches and difficult stains on your marble floors?  While there are many marble floor cleaning products and marble restoration products that can be purchased in home improvement stores, taking on these projects yourself – especially if you are inexperienced – can cause some headaches and possibly cause the blemishes to be worsened.


At Classic Marble Restoration, we pride ourselves in providing top-of-the-line marble cleaning and restoration work, with only the best marble restoration technicians in the South Florida area.  Go ahead; look up the name Classic Marble Restoration!  You’ll most likely find example after example of professionally restored, polished and cleaned marble and natural stone floors.  Beyond our shining examples of stone restoration work, you’ll find hundreds of satisfied clients and a stellar BBB rating.

At Classic Marble Restoration, we not only provide top notch residential marble cleaning and stone restoration services, but we are also proud to provide commercial stone restoration services for offices, restaurants and more!  Did you know that Classic Marble also provides marble cleaning and natural stone restoration for yachts as well?  There’s most like no job too big or too challenging for Classic Marble.  So why not give us a call today for your next stone restoration project?

Devin VancePrevent Long Term Stone Damage – Maintain Your Natural Stone Floors
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