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Avoid Damaging Natural Stone Surfaces

Our company, Classic Marble Restoration has an excellent reputation in Florida for providing expert terrazzo cleaning at commercial and residential properties. Instead of attempting a difficult terrazzo restoration on your own, contact us for a professional inspection, consultation and estimate. Glass, quartz and marble composite materials provide an attractive decor on walls, ceilings and floors of buildings, but the surfaces do require specialized care to keep it looking its best.

Our Technicians Use Mild Cleansers

Our terrazzo polishing technicians know how to determine the type of stone in a building’s flooring along with its grouting substance to avoid loosening tiles. We know that using harsh acidic chemicals to clean the stone and grout of a terrazzo surface can lead to loosening the tiles from underlying surfaces. In many cases, the mosaic tiles in a private residence or business are extremely old decorative items that were created by knowledgeable artisans.

We Can Apply Protective Sealants

Terrazzo polishing requires using a machine especially designed for the task, instead of a store-bought device. Each type of stone in this flooring needs a different type of pressure to remove debris without cracking the surface of the material. Careful terrazzo cleaning with the correct surfactants can remove stains without changing the color of stone tiles. We can also provide terrazzo restoration by replacing tiles that are missing or broken. After a sanitizing and repair process, we can protect natural stone surfaces with durable sealants that resist moisture and dirt.

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