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If your home or business requires natural stone restoration, then contact Classic Marble Restoration Inc. today for a consultation. Our technicians are trained to care for stone materials located on interior and exterior surfaces of ships and buildings. Proper care of stone such as shale or granite can ensure it lasts longer while also looking beautiful.

Porous Stone

Many of our customers assume that any type of cleanser is suitable for stone, but that is not true. Marble cleaning tips are important because this stone is marred easily by rough debris carried on people’s shoes. Untreated stone is porous, leading to cracks from moisture. When a room has stone that is not protected with sealants, the material will absorb cleansers, leading to damage to underlying layers.

Gentle Cleansers

To avoid damage from cleansers, buy products formulated for stone. These products are made without dyes to prevent damage to granite or marble. Before using cleansers to wash stone, apply clean water to prevent absorption of chemicals that can degrade limestone or granite. Pour a small amount of cleanser on a soft cloth before rubbing gently on stains to avoid marring stone surfaces.

Beautiful Sheen

With marble polishing devices, we can improve the appearance of stone that has deep scratches and small chips. We remove the thinnest layer possible from stone to avoid degrading the surface. Our polishing machine has a disc with diamond particles to help stone surfaces have a beautiful sheen that shows off its unique elements.

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