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Whenever cleaning marble, it is important to avoid using harsh chemicals, such as bleach and common household cleaners, and abrasives, like scouring sponges and Brillo pads. It’s important to clean marble with a gentle damp cloth. Scrubbing very hard will result in scratching the surface, which can damage the look – and feel- of your marble countertops or marble floors. Upon wiping down the marble surface, make sure to promptly wipe the marble surface dry, as allowing water to sit on top of the surface can result in stain formation. Once clean, maintaining the marble surface can be accomplished with the use of a chamois.  For the best possible marble floors and countertops, addressing small spills as soon as they happen will ensure a long, healthy life for your marble.

At Classic Marble Restoration, we specialize in marble cleaning and restoration, as well as the polishing and cleaning of all other natural stones commonly found in residential and commercial properties here in South Florida.  With over 30 years of natural stone restoration experience, our friendly and highly trained stone technicians will ensure an easy, streamlined restoration process.  From the time you place your first FREE estimate call with Classic Marble, you expect to be treated as if you’ve been a client for years!  So if your home, office, restaurant, or even yacht is showing signs of dull, weathered marble, call Classic Marble Restoration today for your FREE estimate.

Devin VanceClassic Marble Restoration: Your South Florida Stone Restoration Team

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