Countertop Repair and Restoration in South Florida

Marble is probably the most stunning natural stone used in homes, hotels, offices and yachts. Whether having your beautiful countertops honed or polished, repair and restorations are a must to keep the stone looking beautiful for years!  Honed marble is very scratch resistant because it lacks the glossy surface of polished marble. Therefore, when honed marble does get scratched, it is not obviously reflected when light hits it.  Polished marble has a shiny coat which acts as a type of protection, therefore allowing it to withstand stains better. However, the reflective characteristic of the finish makes it more prone to scratches.  Similar to you and I, marble stone goes through good times and bad times. You could say that it wears its feelings on its sleeve, and its scars never heal. This is when you have to give Classic Marble Restoration and call to heal and make your natural stone look new again.

Basic Natural Stone Maintenance

For small stains that appear on your countertop wiping it immediately is ideal. Especially with honed marble, this soaks up liquid spills faster than polished marble. Also cleaning with basic marble cleaner or soap and water does help with keeping the countertops nice and clean.


To maintain that brand new, just installed look over the years, a professional cleaning is required and the only company that lives up to its reputation is Classic Marble Restoration. We handle all kinds of issues that come with repairing and restoring natural stoneware, from water stains to cracks in the marble and everything in between. At Classic Marble Restoration, we take pride in the quality we bring out in the marble and the wonderful customer service we provide.

For more information on our marble countertop restoration services or to get a free estimate, feel free to give us a call.

Devin VanceCountertop Repair and Restoration in South Florida

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