The Dangers of Crystallization

Marble-Floors2Natural stone floors such as marble and granite are among the most beautiful in the world – but only if they are properly serviced and maintained. The maintenance can get expensive, but the result is worth it. However, instead of using traditional stone restoration, it has become popular in the last twenty or so years to use crystallization instead. However, they are usually unaware of the dangers of crystallization.

Traditional restoration involves grinding and polishing to restore and repair floors. When marble is crystallized, however, it actually changes the composition of the stone. The chemicals used to make the marble “shiny” actually create a chemical layer that harms the stone. One marble has been crystallized, it can no longer be polished and restored by traditional means; only chemicals can be used from then on.

Since there are different chemical formulas used in crystallization, they are often not compatible. If another formula is used on the marble surface, it will cause serious damage, forcing the old crust to be ground off.

Crystallization damages cannot be repaired. If a mistake is made during the process, your marble surface could be completely destroyed. The stakes are just too high.

The only way to properly take care of and restore your natural stone floors and surfaces is traditional marble restoration. Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. is a locally owned south Florida marble cleaning company that specializes in traditional stone restoration. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Devin VanceThe Dangers of Crystallization

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