Keeping Your Marble Looking Marvelous

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At Classic Marble Restoration Inc. located in Plantation, Fla., we provide expert stone cleaning services at residential and commercial properties. Our technicians know how to clean a variety of stone, including granite and shale that are located on floors or fireplaces. Each type of stone requires specialized stain removal methods from experienced technicians to prevent damaging the material to avoid scratches.

Specialized Equipment

South Florida marble restoration is especially important because of the large number of beaches in the area. Tiny sand particles often blow inland for several miles to land on exterior stone walkways and patios. Particles of sand also enter doorways and windows to scratch stone countertops and floors. To prevent scratching surfaces, our knowledgeable technicians use specialized equipment to suction sand before it embeds in stone. We use commercial cleaning solutions on stone to dissolve stains caused by food.

Gorgeous Sheen

Our quality marble restoration includes using polishing machines equipped with diamond discs to remove a thin layer from damaged surfaces before the polishing machine vacuums the dust to avoid additional scratches. After removal of a layer of stone, our customers enjoy walls and floors that have a gorgeous sheen.

Protective Sealants

We recommend that our technicians add water-resistant sealants to stone surfaces to protect underlying adhesives such as grout. Sealants are vital to avoid damage from moisture and particles that are carried into buildings with foot traffic. In addition to working in buildings, our technicians understand how to clean stone surfaces located on watercraft.

Devin VanceKeeping Your Marble Looking Marvelous

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