Maintain Stone’s Vital Sheen

Classic Marble Restoration of Plantation, Fla., has experts who know how to care for surfaces such as floors, walls or countertops made of granite, quartz and marble. Most individuals think that caring for hard stone is easy, but it is actually a specialized process. Using the wrong cleansers and tools can cause the stone to crumble or change color, leading to ugly surfaces. Marble cleaning tips are especially important because this stone has a vital sheen that provides beauty in a building.

Avoid Using Household Cleansers

Property owners should avoid using a standard vacuum cleaner, store-bought detergents or household brooms to move debris from marble surfaces to avoid scratching its surface with particles such as sand. Our technicians use industrial-strength marble polishing equipment that lifts debris such as sand from surfaces to avoid damage that destroys a marble surface’s sheen. At the same time, the devices use discs with diamond bits that rub away small chips and scratches, leaving the stone’s surfaces looking brand-new.

Hire Professional Stone Technicians

Surfaces made of marble, quartz and granite in older buildings are often damaged due to a lot of foot traffic or severe weather, leading to needing expert natural stone restoration from our technicians. We know how to repair severely chipped stone and degrading grout to ensure countertops and floors will last many more years. We advise customers to never attempt repairs because it can lead to additional cracking that destroys the integrity of stone surfaces.

Devin VanceMaintain Stone’s Vital Sheen

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