Thinking About Marble Cleaning and Polishing?

Adding marble counters to your kitchen or bathroom can increase the value of your home and make you feel a little bit happier every time you walk in the room. However, before you attack those surfaces with an ordinary household cleaner, stop and think about hiring a professional marble cleaning and polishing company for the job. As marble polishing and cleaning experts here in the South Florida area, we understand that simple accidents and normal everyday wear can damage your marble surfaces. We’ve seen everything from burn marks left behind by hot pots to etching caused by using the wrong cleaner, and when you use our marble restoration services, we can remove any signs of that damage with our marble cleaning and polishing process.marble-cleaning-polishing

Etching occurs when you use a product like lemon juice or another acid to clean marble. The acid material slowly eats through the marble, leaving behind white marks that vary from faint white to blinding white. With the right marble polishing and cleaning, you can remove those marks and restore the look of any type of marble.

You love the look of your marble surfaces, but you won’t love that material when it develops etch marks or scratches. Using some products can worsen the damage, leaving your marble worthless. Before you attempt the repair yourself, find out more about our marble restoration services and see what we can can do for your home, office, restaurant and more!

At Classic Marble Restoration, we take pride in providing the best possible marble cleaning and polishing services here in South Florida.  For more information or to receive a custom marble cleaning and polishing quote, contact us today!

Devin VanceThinking About Marble Cleaning and Polishing?

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