Marble Cleaning and Marble Maintenance Tips

Marble is one of the most popular natural stones found in many South Florida homes, restaurants and yachts.  It’s beautiful and luxurious, but also very vulnerable to stains and it’s easily damaged during everyday use.  While marble can be a great investment for your home or property, it’s important to protect this great stone with regular maintenance and care.

After you’ve hired a marble cleaning and restoration like Classic Marble to clean your marble, it’s important to consistently clean your marble after daily use, as well as keeping an eye out for stains, chips and spills to avoid long term marble damage.

Marble Stain Prevention

Marble sinks and showers should be immediately dried after use to prevent hard water build up and from having stains appear.  If stains do arise, it’s important to avoid common household cleaners, as they can be too harsh for this delicate natural stone.  For small DIY jobs, we always recommend mild soap and warm water to remove residue, then dry.

For larger marble cleaning jobs, contact Classic Marble Restoration directly for a FREE estimate.  Whether your marble floors, countertops or showers are in need of a good cleaning, or if you’re looking to clean or restore larger marble areas found in restaurants and commercial spaces, Classic Marble should be your first call.

Call today for more information and estimates.

Devin VanceMarble Cleaning and Marble Maintenance Tips

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