Marble Countertop Restoration by Classic Marble Restoration

Are you considering starting a DIY marble restoration project? Before you begin, make sure to consult with the professional marble countertop restoration company like Classic Marble Restoration for the removal of deep salt or rust stains. Also, consider that marble surfaces must not be scoured, scraped, or treated with harsh cleaners like vinegar, which is highly acidic. Due to marble’s delicate nature, marble countertop restoration and other marble surface restoration and must be undertaken with great care. In refinishing a marble surface that has not been thoroughly and deeply cleaned, there is a risk of sealing in unsightly debris.

Honestly consider if the savings of doing a marble countertop restoration yourself is worth the personal cost of time, trial and error, and the risk involved. Unexpectedly, several applications are needed at times to refinish a marble surface properly. Additionally, the old sealer must be removed totally or it could cause the new sealer to develop a foggy appearance as it dries.  There are actually many steps that professional marble cleaning and marble restoration companies follow to ensure a nicely done job.  Skipping any of these critical restoration steps can leave your marble countertops ruined or unprotected from common household elements.

All things considered, calling Classic Marble Restoration could save you time, frustration, and even money. Serving both residential and commercial clients in the South Florida area, we are a local expert in the marble restoration industry, with an A+ with the BBB. Using only the best products, equipment and techniques, our skillful and trained professional technicians provide stone restoration, cleaning and polishing services.

For more information on our marble countertop restoration services, contact us today!

Devin VanceMarble Countertop Restoration by Classic Marble Restoration

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