Marble: Elegant Beauty and Natural Perfomance

The performance, strength, and sheer beauty of marble has been on show for thousands of years. In today’s world, those looking to add refined taste and elegant grace to their business or living space oftentimes choose marble as their flooring or countertop material, and realize later they need help cleaning and polishing this lovely stone.

Marble may become scratched or dirty from everyday use. You can use a soft cloth soaked in water and mild soap to clean everyday spills and buff out minor scratches, but No vinegar or other acid based cleaners should be used on marble as the acidity will erode the stone.

In highly trafficked areas of the home or business, marble cleaning increases in importance, but even less used areas of the marble may become stained from liquids such as wine or scratched by the nails of a beloved pet. Only cleaners specially formulated for natural stone should be used on marble.

Floor cleaning can quickly become an overwhelming task when there is significant soiling or more than a few scratches, but a professional can quickly clean and polish your floors, returning your lovely natural stone to its original glory. A professional cleaning service like Classic Marble Restoration has equipment specially designed for marble that makes floor cleaning a much easier task than carefully cleaning your marble by hand.

In addition to cleaning, marble surfaces may need polishing. Natural stone polishing is a multi-step process that is offered by a professional service using specialized equipment.

Nothing says class and style like a marble surface in a home or business, and the cleaning and natural stone polishing services of a professional cleaning company will help you maintain the beauty and quality of your investment for years to come. For more information about marble cleaning and natural stone polishing, please visit

Devin VanceMarble: Elegant Beauty and Natural Perfomance

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