Marble Restoration and Cleaning After a New Installation

After your marble and natural stone floors are installed, what next?  With most stone installers, the job is complete after the installation process.  Most stone and marble installation companies in South Florida know exactly who to call once their job is wrapped-up: Classic Marble Restoration!

In many cases, neither the homeowner nor the marble installation company brings in a marble restoration company to finish the job.  When this happens – or does not happen – the marble or natural stone can start to attract and build up dirt.  Oftentimes, the customer calls the installation company to complain, explaining that the marble “did not look like this in the showroom!”

With close to three decades of marble cleaning and restoration experience, incuding awards and top accredidations, Classic Marble Restoration should be your first call after a new floor installation.  To be fully satisfied with a marble or natural stone installation process, marble polishing is essential.

For more information on Classic Marble’s restoration and polishing process, contact us today.

Devin VanceMarble Restoration and Cleaning After a New Installation

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