Marble Restoration by an Expert in Fort Lauderdale

Stone has been used to make monuments for thousands of years, and polished marble is used today for everything from floor tiles to counter tops and sports trophies. While marble is an incredibly durable composite mineral, the surface can scratch and stain. Hand polish is not capable of removing real problems. Since marble is as resistant as glass, anything that could stain it needs serious work.

For those in the area, the clear option is the Fort Lauderdale marble floor polishing company. They have mechanical buffers that work out stains and scratches in floors, but they are equally adept at restoring headstones and trophies. Unusually shaped cuts of stone are difficult to clean evenly, but the experts have the equipment and skills necessary to get the job done.

Classic Marble Restoration is staffed with experts who have at least ten years of experience and who have worked on polished stone of many shapes and sizes. There is nothing wrong with trying to polish it yourself, but elbow grease is no match for powered rotary buffers. Sand paper will actually rough the polish, and marble is harder than most sands. The bottom line is that real experts with real equipment is needed for the tough jobs.

Call Classic Marble Restoration for indoor or outdoor work. They are prepared to work in restaurants, hotels, and even on boats. Monuments and business signs are erected to last for decades, but they are much more attractive when occasionally polished. Do not be afraid to call; one visit is enough for the next decade or more.

Devin VanceMarble Restoration by an Expert in Fort Lauderdale

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