Natural Stone, Granite and Marble Maintenance is Key

If you run a commercial operation, then you understand the value of first impressions. If natural stone and marble are part of your business’ decor, the goal is to make sure that they always look as meticulous as possible. Dirty natural stone, after all, could potentially drive away customers — the last thing you want.

If you need professional assistance in cleaning, care and maintenance of natural stone and marble for your business, don’t worry. Classic Marble Restoration is available to save the day. Our insured and licensed South Florida business specializes in providing top-notch stone and marble polishing services. Not only do we cater to the needs of businesses, but we also do the same for homes.

If you need diligent marble polishing, we’re your people. We’re experts in the cleaning and maintenance of travertine, granite, terrazzo, onyx and limestone. Not only do we clean, polish and seal stone surfaces, but we also fix them when necessary. Stone floor cleaning is our expertise. We specialize in stone floor restoration, as well.

The experienced experts at Classic Marble Restoration can get your business’ stone surfaces looking immaculate, flawless and fresh in no time. We can also provide you with useful tips on maintenance and cleaning. If the idea of stains and spills on your business’ natural stone surfaces worries you, we can talk to you about the use of quality impregnating sealers. Impregnating sealers can defend natural stone from destruction that arises due to greasy stains and water, for example.

We can also give you tips on things to avoid when cleaning natural stone surfaces. Dish detergent, for example, is a bad idea. Since liquid dish detergents generally have high alkalinity, they can potentially be extremely damaging to the defensive actions of impregnating sealers.

If you reside in South Florida and are looking for A+ natural stone and marble services, give us a call today. Whether you need assistance with stone floor restoration or stone floor cleaning, we’re the people for you.

Devin VanceNatural Stone, Granite and Marble Maintenance is Key

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