Natural Stone Repair: Including Marble, Granite, Travertine and More

Some people believe that when a piece of natural stone is broken, that’s the end of it. But our technicians at Classic Marble Restoration have known for over 30 years that chipped or even broken stone is quite fixable. We practice natural stone repair and natural stone restoration in residential areas as well as commercial areas like offices, restaurants and hotels. We have even cleaned and repaired the stone found on the counters and vanity tops in yachts.

There are several ways to effect natural stone repair. When stone is cracked, another piece of stone can be attached to it. When it comes to stone like marble or granite, it’s best if the original piece that broke off is reattached. This is because of the unique patterns found in these stones.

The surface is first cleaned, and the piece is fixed to it with epoxy resin. This is good for smaller pieces. Larger pieces may have to be reattached with metal clips or anchors.

Another way to repair stone is to reattach the pieces with pins and adhesive. The pins are usually made out of bronze, stainless steel or thermoplastic, are four to six times longer than they’re wide and threaded for a good grip. Holes are drilled in both the replacement and the base piece and filled with epoxy. The pins are then put in the base piece, more epoxy is applied and the stone pieces are joined. Any surplus epoxy is wiped off and the piece is left to dry.

A piece of stone with a cracked surface can also be veneered, and cracks can be fixed with injections of epoxy. Interestingly, repairing small cracks in stone to the point where the repair is hard to see is tricky and usually done by true experts like the ones at Classic Marble Restoration.

For natural stone repair or natural stone restoration, don’t hesitate to contact us at Classic Marble Restoration.

Devin VanceNatural Stone Repair: Including Marble, Granite, Travertine and More

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