Specialized Care for Your Marble

Specialized Care

Classic Marble Restoration located in Plantation, Fla., wants to provide essential marble cleaning tips to our residential and commercial customers. Marble is a durable stone that looks beautiful on a variety of surfaces such as countertops and floors, but it does require specialized care. Using the wrong cleaning process can damage its integrity, leading to unsightly scratches and a loss of sheen.

Soft Cloths

Anyone attempting natural stone restoration should use mild cleansers that do not contain dyes that can discolor surfaces. To prevent chemicals from seeping deep into the stone, first wet the surface with plain water. Use as small amount of cleanser as possible to dissolve a stain while rubbing gently with a soft cloth. Never use abrasive scrubbing pads that will mar marble, granite or quartz materials.

Quality Equipment

Many Classic Marble Restoration customers request marble polishing to improve the shine of a stone floor or countertop. We use the best quality equipment with diamond chip discs to apply the correct pressure on stone to remove the thinnest layer possible. This process prevents damaging the stone while also improving its surface appearance.

Trained Technicians

Natural stone restoration from a trained technician on a routine basis helps to maintain surfaces located on fireplaces and patios. Protect all stone surfaces with devices such as floor mats near doorways and coasters on countertops to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Avoid leaving water on untreated surfaces to prevent cracks in stone as moisture seeps in causing it to expand.

Devin VanceSpecialized Care for Your Marble
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Choosing Classic Marble Restoration for Residential and Commercial Stone Maintenance and Restoration Needs

Homes and businesses alike feature marble in various capacities. Without a doubt, marble is a popular stone for flooring, countertops, and other features. Such stone is valued for its pleasing aesthetic and sense of grandeur. Enough regular wear and tear will eventually start to tax this stone, though. Therefore, marble restoration from a Fort Lauderdale marble floor polishing company might prove necessary.

Luckily, our company provides a variety of services related to marble maintenance and restoration. Each employee is trained to clean and polish all marble surfaces in a thorough manner. Any stains or scuffs can be tackled with a variety of solutions. Thanks to delicate methods, our workers won’t damage residential or commercial stone surfaces. We guarantee satisfaction for each and every customer.

When it comes to restoring marble, residential and commercial customers aren’t even aware it’s a possibility. However, our technicians know how to restore damaged and cracked marble in the simplest manner possible. They can easily tackle minor damage, although extensive damage might require a few days of work. Either way, homes and businesses will wind up with stone that looks as new as ever before.

If you’re looking for a Fort Lauderdale marble floor polishing company, then you’ll find Classic Marble Restoration the perfect solutions. For each customer, our company strives to provide unbeatable services and competitive pricing. We specialize in cleaning and polishing stone flooring. Our next specialty is stone restoration, and we won’t charge a fortune for these services. In our minds, a satisfied customer is something we mandate for each service call.

Devin VanceChoosing Classic Marble Restoration for Residential and Commercial Stone Maintenance and Restoration Needs
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Marble and Having it Professionally Polished

Many homeowners take great pride in the way that their houses look each day. When someone comes over for a visit, you feel great being able to take them around and show off the entire house.

If your home has marble flooring, this can be a beautiful showpiece to show to those who are visiting for the first time. While this type of stone is gorgeous in all its natural glory, it can also begin to fade and look quite dull quickly. This is when Terrazzo polishing comes in handy for you. Having expert Terrazzo cleaning done to the marble is one of the easiest ways to keep it looking as good as new.

Once you make the decision that Terrazzo restoration is the right option for you, it’s time to contact the experts to get the job done. You will definitely want to contact them and set up a routine cleaning and polishing schedule so that they are able to do the job for you. Having this type of project done is why it’s important to you as a homeowner. There are many different types of things you can do to keep the marble within the home looking fantastic, but allowing the pros to come in and professionally clean and polish the stone is definitely within your best interest.

You will want to contact Classic Marble Restoration as soon as possible if this is a job that you would like for them to do when it is most convenient for you.

Devin VanceMarble and Having it Professionally Polished
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Maintain Stone’s Vital Sheen

Classic Marble Restoration of Plantation, Fla., has experts who know how to care for surfaces such as floors, walls or countertops made of granite, quartz and marble. Most individuals think that caring for hard stone is easy, but it is actually a specialized process. Using the wrong cleansers and tools can cause the stone to crumble or change color, leading to ugly surfaces. Marble cleaning tips are especially important because this stone has a vital sheen that provides beauty in a building.

Avoid Using Household Cleansers

Property owners should avoid using a standard vacuum cleaner, store-bought detergents or household brooms to move debris from marble surfaces to avoid scratching its surface with particles such as sand. Our technicians use industrial-strength marble polishing equipment that lifts debris such as sand from surfaces to avoid damage that destroys a marble surface’s sheen. At the same time, the devices use discs with diamond bits that rub away small chips and scratches, leaving the stone’s surfaces looking brand-new.

Hire Professional Stone Technicians

Surfaces made of marble, quartz and granite in older buildings are often damaged due to a lot of foot traffic or severe weather, leading to needing expert natural stone restoration from our technicians. We know how to repair severely chipped stone and degrading grout to ensure countertops and floors will last many more years. We advise customers to never attempt repairs because it can lead to additional cracking that destroys the integrity of stone surfaces.

Devin VanceMaintain Stone’s Vital Sheen
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Maintaining Stone’s Sheen

Classic Marble Restoration of Florida provides commercial and residential marble polishing services to help maintain this stone’s sheen. Our trained technicians have worked in a variety of buildings throughout this area for over 10 years. We understand how to care for different types of stone, including granite, quartz and marble to prevent damage from harsh cleansers and tools. Our company uses a specialized machine with diamond particle discs to smooth chips and cracks from stone before vacuuming the fine dust.

Use Soft Cloths

We are happy to provide marble cleaning tips to our clients to help them maintain stone surfaces between professional natural stone restoration appointments. When liquids are spilled on stone countertops or floors, it is a good idea to use a soft cloth to soak up the moisture as quickly as possible. This is because moisture will seep into the porous surface of stone items that do not have sealants. When a stain is left behind by a liquid, never use surfactants with dyes to remove the spots from grout or stone.

Apply Protective Sealants

Our natural stone restoration technicians can remove stains and scratches from tiles located on the interior and exterior of buildings. In addition to removing dirt from floors and countertops carefully, we can replace resins and cements that hold stone tiles firmly in place. To protect marble, quartz or granite from extensive damage caused by dirt, we suggest that clients have us apply fresh coats of wax or sealants.

Devin VanceMaintaining Stone’s Sheen
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Classic Marble Restoration of Weston, Florida

Marble creates a cool aesthetic in any room, soothing the mind, and increasing the value of a property. The stone defeats the influence of age, but it does require care. Hiring trained marble polishing technicians from Classic Marble Restoration delivers this care and much more. We transform lackluster marble surfaces, turning time back by employing high-end cleansing products and old-fashioned hard work. Our industry leading tools and techniques revitalize marble floors and restore marble counters to their former glory.

A DIY cleansing can wipe away some of the build-up that has dulled the stone, but only a professional restoration service can deliver the treatment with consistency and professional attention to detail. No matter whether the task is within a residence or a commercial property, inside a restaurant or a hotel, you can always rely on the courteous services of our Weston marble floor polishing company to clean and polish your marble counters and the wide marble floors that stretch across your hallways.

Our goal is to peel away the years, restoring life and vitality to the marble, expunging dirt so that an elegant glow is released by sunlight and interior lighting. Our professional Weston marble floor polishing company offers enviable work quality ethics designed to promote the natural characteristics of the stone, ensuring the surface is free of blemishes. Remember, Classic Marble Restoration harnesses a rapidly spreading reputation for high-quality results and 10 years of marble polishing experience to deliver perfectly cleaned and restored marble to our customer every time.

Devin VanceClassic Marble Restoration of Weston, Florida
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Restaurant and Hotel Marble Restoration

Owning a hotel, restaurant or any other large facility in the hospitality industry requires countless hours overseeing every detail of day to day operation and maintenance. Why not take the stress of keeping your marble and natural stone surfaces out of your day by trusting a professional with over 10 years of experience in natural stone restoration and marble polishing and cleaning?

Your time is valuable, and marble polishing can take time away from many important duties. In a large restaurant or hotel, your staff is needed elsewhere. You have taken the time to train each and every one of your staff members to perform their duties expertly, but even armed with few marble cleaning tips, they are simply not trained to care for your natural stone and marble surfaces. Our technicians are trained for this very purpose. They have extensive experience, and they only use the latest equipment, the best products and up to date marble cleaning and polishing techniques.

Over time, natural stone takes a beating, especially in the hospitality business. Guests tend touch and feel it, the weather can damage it and time itself can take its toll. At Classic Marble Restoration, we are experts in reviving your natural stone surfaces to their once pristine state. Rather than taking time away from where you are needed or trusting an untrained staff, trust us to professionally and expertly take care of your marble and natural stone care needs.

Devin VanceRestaurant and Hotel Marble Restoration
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Natural Stone Repair: Including Marble, Granite, Travertine and More

Some people believe that when a piece of natural stone is broken, that’s the end of it. But our technicians at Classic Marble Restoration have known for over 30 years that chipped or even broken stone is quite fixable. We practice natural stone repair and natural stone restoration in residential areas as well as commercial areas like offices, restaurants and hotels. We have even cleaned and repaired the stone found on the counters and vanity tops in yachts.

There are several ways to effect natural stone repair. When stone is cracked, another piece of stone can be attached to it. When it comes to stone like marble or granite, it’s best if the original piece that broke off is reattached. This is because of the unique patterns found in these stones.

The surface is first cleaned, and the piece is fixed to it with epoxy resin. This is good for smaller pieces. Larger pieces may have to be reattached with metal clips or anchors.

Another way to repair stone is to reattach the pieces with pins and adhesive. The pins are usually made out of bronze, stainless steel or thermoplastic, are four to six times longer than they’re wide and threaded for a good grip. Holes are drilled in both the replacement and the base piece and filled with epoxy. The pins are then put in the base piece, more epoxy is applied and the stone pieces are joined. Any surplus epoxy is wiped off and the piece is left to dry.

A piece of stone with a cracked surface can also be veneered, and cracks can be fixed with injections of epoxy. Interestingly, repairing small cracks in stone to the point where the repair is hard to see is tricky and usually done by true experts like the ones at Classic Marble Restoration.

For natural stone repair or natural stone restoration, don’t hesitate to contact us at Classic Marble Restoration.

Devin VanceNatural Stone Repair: Including Marble, Granite, Travertine and More
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Natural Stone and Marble Care

If you reside in South Florida and are looking for top-notch natural stone and marble restoration services, then you can feel comfortable contacting our team at Classic Marble Restoration. Our family-owned business has been in business for over 30 years, so experience is certainly our strong point. We’re dedicated to providing South Florida residents with the finest natural stone and marble care services. Whether you need assistance with restoration, polishing or general cleaning, we’re your go-to team.

At Classic Marble Restoration, we understand the importance of properly caring for marble and natural stone. Whether you have marble and natural stone in your home or in a hotel, care and maintenance are vital. Marble and natural stone are commonly seen in residences, businesses, hotels, yachts and dining establishments. Our company routinely handles marble restoration for hotels. We also frequently handle natural stone repair for hotels.

Whether you’re running a hotel, office or household, Classic Marble Restoration has some handy tips for keeping your natural stone and marble looking flawless and beautiful. It’s important to always protect natural stone and marble with reliable professional grade products.

Refrain from ever using dish detergents to clean natural stone and marble surfaces. Dish soap helps eliminate persistent and unsightly grease from dishes. This is because of its high alkaline components. If you want to keep your natural stone and marble surfaces in tip-top condition, it’s always smart to stay away from high alkalinity, however. Cleaners that have high alkalinity can weaken the defenses of stone impregnators. Stone impregnators are beneficial for keeping stone spotless and stain-free.

If you want to keep marble and natural stone looking as lovely as ever, opt for a cleaner that has a neutral pH. Make sure that the cleaner is labeled as being appropriate for use on stone, too. If you need assistance with marble restoration for hotels, call us now. Do the same if you need natural stone repair for hotels, homes and businesses. Our friendly Classic Marble Restoration staff is waiting for you.

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Do You Have Marble or Stone in Your Yard? The Same Cleaning Rules Apply!

Marble floors are very popular in south Florida, especially in outdoor yards and decks surrounding pool areas. Unfortunately, like any type of flooring outside, they can be difficult to keep clean. Rough South Florida weather, extreme heat and normal wear and tear can make your outdoor marble or natural stone look unsightly if not maintained.  The good thing to note is that outdoor marble and natural stone maintenance and restoration is very similar to the marble and stone found INSIDE your home.  So if you’ve been following this blog for sometime now, the same rules apply!

About Classic Marble Restoration:

Classic Marble Restoration is the headquarters for all of your marble floor cleaning needs. We offer both residential and commercial services. Marble must be cleaned very carefully in order to avoid damage. Many cleaning products will do more harm than good. That is why you need to hire an experienced expert for marble cleaning. We have been a family owned business for over a decade. Our many years of experience have allowed us to master the art of proper marble cleaning. Not only will we repair any damage, we will also make them look better than ever.

We also offer stone restoration services. Stone restoration should be done at least once every few years, potentially more if your floors receive a significant amount of wear and tear. Many south Florida homeowners have floors made of stone materials. Besides marble, popular choices include granite, limestone, and terrazzo. We service them all. Our company also offers cleaning and sealing services. We perform scratch removal, color enhancement, and polishing.

Contact the Classic Marble Restoration team to make an appointment today. No other company in south Florida can match our thoroughness, experience, or customer service. Finding high quality marble floor cleaning for your home or place of business has never been easier. When you hire us, you are giving yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your floors will continue to be stunningly beautiful for many years to come.


Devin VanceDo You Have Marble or Stone in Your Yard? The Same Cleaning Rules Apply!
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