Professional Stone Restoration

Because of the popularity of DIY home improvement shows, we’re seeing a lot more creative and unusual difficulties with stonework in the South Florida area. On the one hand, we understand the potential convenience and satisfaction involved with doing a job yourself. On the other, we’re called in quite often to repair damage caused by poor technique and unskilled restoration companies and services. These are often more complex than the original stone restoration issue. DIY stone cleaning can also pose serious risks to the surface being cleaned.

What advantages do professionals have over DIY?

We have close to 30 years experience with stone restoration, cleaning and polishing in the South Florida area. We are considered local experts in the industry. At Classic Marble, we have worked with both commercial and residential stone cleaning and restoration projects, enjoying a great deal of success in both areas, as well as local awards and recognition. We pride ourselves on using only the best products and equipment, designed for the job at hand. We send highly trained techs to every job we perform.

With a professional, you receive the benefits of training and experience that you can really see in the finished project. With us, you also get world-class customer service and technicians who genuinely care about the job they do for you.

For more information on our professional stone restoration process or for information on marble, terrazzo, granite and other stone cleaning and polishing, call us today!

Devin VanceProfessional Stone Restoration

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