Professional Stone Services in South Florida

Business owners operating hotels or restaurants have large buildings that may have a lot of natural stone surfaces that require marble cleaning. It would take many hours for everyday maintenance workers at these businesses to care for a building’s stone countertops and floors properly. This is why hiring the professional technicians from Classic Marble Restoration in Florida is a better plan.

Removing Debris Safely

Guests visiting a restaurant or hotel enjoy seeing beautiful décor such as granite countertops and marble flooring. Failure to keep these surfaces in a spotless condition can lead to a loss of customer’s business. Our Classic Marble Restoration technicians bring along equipment that is suitable for removing debris from large areas such as conference rooms or hallways.

Using Gentle Detergents

Expert marble cleaning on a regular basis helps to maintain surfaces by washing away particles of sand that scratch the stone. Our vacuuming devices can suction dirt without marring natural stone. We also use gentle detergents that are made without perfuming agents and dyes that can discolor or degrade natural stone.

Diamond Polishing Discs

As we wash surfaces, our machines will dry the moisture quickly to prevent damaging cement that holds the stone to the floor. Marble polishing is another service offered by our company to ensure stone has a high luster that makes it attractive in public buildings. Our machines use discs covered with diamond shavings that remove only a small amount of the stone throughout the marble polishing process.

Devin VanceProfessional Stone Services in South Florida

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