Professional Terrazzo Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration

Terrazzo floors must be cared for properly, carefully, and regularly to maintain their beauty and cleanliness. Terrazzo floor cleaning begins with the proper materials and a good inspection. Terrazzo floor care requires a chemical cleaner with a PH between 7 and 10 for proper cleaning and wax removal. It also requires the reapplication of proper sealer that will help maintain the color and look of the stone floor. It will prevent stains from seeping into the porous stone and help make cleaning easier. Proper terrazzo floor cleaning is best accomplished through a professional floor cleaning company like Classic Marble Restoration.  Especially for larger, more complicated terrazzo cleaning jobs.

With over two decades of terrazzo and natural stone care experience, Classic Marble Restoration is your go-to professional team in South Florida. Our professional terrazzo cleaning and restoration experts know just how to care for, and maintain, your natural stone floors.  By working with Classic Marble, you’ll be receiving experience in natural stone cleaning and restoration, combined with professional stone restoration technicians that will prove why they’re the best in the South Florida area.

For a FREE quote on terrazzo cleaning, polishing or full restoration services, contact Classic Marble Restoration today!

Devin VanceProfessional Terrazzo Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration

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