marble-cleaning-fort-lauderdaleBelow is a quick outline for cleaning small spills from marble countertops and floors. Of course for larger marble cleaning and restoration projects, contact Classic Marble Restoration for an FREE estimate.

1. Use a clean dry towel to wipe the marble after showers and any time it gets wet. Frequently used in bathrooms for showers, vanity tops and floors, marble is often exposed to water.

2. Sweep or vacuum the tile regularly to remove any sand, dirt, or small rocks that could scratch the marble surface. You should also sweep or vacuum the floor before cleaning it.

3. Wash the tiles once a week using a neutral pH cleaner or simply warm water. You can buy neutral pH cleaners in stores that sell marble tiles and other stone products, as well as several online retailers.

4. Dry the marble with a clean towel after washing to avoid water spots.


  • If your marble tile is already stained or etched, purchase a product sold specifically for the job and follow package directions carefully. If the damage is extensive or the available products do not remove the stain or etching, you may have to call in a company that specializes in marble restoration.
  • Cultured marble is stronger than natural marble, but it too can stain and etch. Clean cultured marble in the same way as natural stone marble.


Do not use regular cleaning products on marble–most of them have a pH level that is too high and will etch the surface. You should also never use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads or vinegar for cleaning or stain removal.

For larger marble and natural stone cleaning and restoration projects, contact Classic Marble Restoration today for a FREE estimate!

Devin Vance

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