Repairing Travertine Floors… The Right Way!

We came across a project recently in which a customer made the mistake of hiring the wrong marble restoration company to repair their travertine floors.travertine-2013-02-15_14-28-45_383

As you can see from the images, they were improperly filled with grout and did not look appealing at all.  When Classic Marble Restoration was called in, we dug out that grout, then color-matched a polyester resin, applied it into the holes, sanded it flush, and lastly polished the tile.

You can see from the images what a difference hiring a quality marble restoration company makes.

travertine-2013-02-15_14-37-17_122travertine-2013-02-16_10-05-10_648For more information on our travertine restoration or any other type of marble restoration services, contact us today!

Devin VanceRepairing Travertine Floors… The Right Way!

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