Residential Marble Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration

Marble has always been popular for its classy look and durability, but like everything else in your home it needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Marble will last in a home for years, but it can become chipped or smudged and require cleaning and polishing. Fortunately for South Florida residents, Classic Marble Restoration can provide high-quality marble restoration, marble cleaning and marble polishing services to its clients.

Our service technicians are all highly trained in the cleaning and restoration of marble, granite and other natural stone surfaces, especially counter tops, floors and showers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members come to your home or place of business and restore your marble and stone surfaces. Whether you require marble restoration or cleaning for your home, restaurant, yacht or other commercial properties, we are more than capable of helping you. In addition to cleaning and restoring your stone surfaces, we also offer stone maintenance programs that are designed to cut down on stains and other signs of wear that inevitably appear in all floors and counter tops.

We can provide our expert marble cleaning and restoration services to clients in South Florida. For more information on the services we offer call us today!

Devin VanceResidential Marble Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration

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