Restaurant and Hotel Marble Restoration

Owning a hotel, restaurant or any other large facility in the hospitality industry requires countless hours overseeing every detail of day to day operation and maintenance. Why not take the stress of keeping your marble and natural stone surfaces out of your day by trusting a professional with over 10 years of experience in natural stone restoration and marble polishing and cleaning?

Your time is valuable, and marble polishing can take time away from many important duties. In a large restaurant or hotel, your staff is needed elsewhere. You have taken the time to train each and every one of your staff members to perform their duties expertly, but even armed with few marble cleaning tips, they are simply not trained to care for your natural stone and marble surfaces. Our technicians are trained for this very purpose. They have extensive experience, and they only use the latest equipment, the best products and up to date marble cleaning and polishing techniques.

Over time, natural stone takes a beating, especially in the hospitality business. Guests tend touch and feel it, the weather can damage it and time itself can take its toll. At Classic Marble Restoration, we are experts in reviving your natural stone surfaces to their once pristine state. Rather than taking time away from where you are needed or trusting an untrained staff, trust us to professionally and expertly take care of your marble and natural stone care needs.

Devin VanceRestaurant and Hotel Marble Restoration

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