Simple and Easy Reminders When Cleaning Marble and Natural Stone

Simple Do’s and Don’ts for Marble and Other Natural stone Surfaces


  • Mop and dust marble and stone surfaces often
  • Always clean your marble floors, countertops and other natural stone surfaces with a mild cleaner or stone soap
  • Ensure you’ve rinsed the surfaces thoroughly after cleaning
  • When a spill occurs, be sure to attack the spill immediately with a simple non-abrasive rag and mild soap


  • Do not use harmful detergents or cleaners.  Do not use vinegar, lemon juice or any other cleaners that contain acids on your marble or other natural stone surfaces
  • Do not use common household cleaners that are used in bathrooms or other acidic grout and tile cleaners
  • Do not use abrasive rags or brushes that may harm the marble or natural stone surface

Never mix bleach and ammonia together.  Mixing these two chemicals creates a toxic and leathal gas

These are common do’s and don’ts of the marble and natural stone cleaning process.  These reminders are great for everyday marble cleaning.  For larger surfaces and more thorough jobs, contact Classic Marble Restoration today for a FREE quote.

Devin VanceSimple and Easy Reminders When Cleaning Marble and Natural Stone

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