The Right Stone for Bar/Restaurant Owners

As a bar or restaurant owner, or a restaurant owner with a bar, you want to choose the ideal stone to offer an aesthetically pleasing environment for your guests and achieve a long-lasting functionality for your business. The right stone can make all the difference in the visual appeal of your bar while your servers are offering up flights, cocktails, appetizers, and meals to your patrons.

The perfect stone for your bar/restaurant showcases your establishment’s energy, delivers style and function, and greets your customers. There are several options available from natural stone to engineered products. Let’s uncover the one that will best suit the needs of your bar or restaurant.

Marble – Elegance and Luxury

Marble is a multi-purpose natural stone used in architecture, sculpture, designs, and more. Offering timeless design, marble features subtle tones and lines which adds elegance and luxury to your bar and restaurant.

Marble is also known for its longevity, though if not cleaned up quickly, it can stain as a result of spills from wine and other acidic substances. Of course, as a restaurateur, you know that spills are quickly cleaned off any surface, making marble an exceptional choice for your bar. However, keep in mind that marble surfaces need to be sealed regularly to keep them functioning at their best.

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. offers the most thorough marble cleaning process and outstanding marble polishing services to keep your marble looking brand new.

Granite – Classic and Versatile

Granite is another excellent choice in natural stone. Every slab of granite is distinct, offering a multitude of colors and patterns making it ideal for upscale restaurants where culinary creativity abounds, or neighborhood bars where everyone feels welcome.

For your granite to promise a unique character and deliver functional durability, you will need to hire a granite and other natural stone services company that specializes in restoration and polishing.

Onyx – Deep and Exotic

Onyx, also a natural stone, is unique in the fact that it is translucent and can be backlit, adding to its deep, exotic charm. Onyx promises a unique design, which will act as a focal accent for your restaurant. Onyx is slightly more sensitive than other natural stone, so it will be the optimal choice for more exclusive venues.

However, onyx can be used for any venue if you hire a professional marble restoration and polishing company to regularly maintain it. With Classic Marble Restoration, Inc., you will no longer have to worry about the delicate onyx stone on your bar top.

Successfully Facing the Challenges of a Bar or Restaurant Owner

As a bar and/or restaurant owner, it can be difficult to keep the natural stone in your bar/restaurant clean and safe on a daily, and we understand the importance of keeping your bar in tip-top condition for your patrons. That is why at Classic Marble Restoration, Inc., our goal is to help you do just that, so we are pleased to provide you with a FREE estimate for keeping your natural stone looking its best and performing with exceptional functionality for years to come. Contact us today!

Devin VanceThe Right Stone for Bar/Restaurant Owners
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Caring for Your Granite Floors

Granite-FloorsBeautiful Stone

Classic Marble Restoration Inc. offers professional granite repair at commercial and residential properties. Granite is a beautiful stone available in a variety of colors that makes it perfect for countertops, floors and fireplaces. All of these surfaces collect grime from food preparation, foot traffic or soot, requiring a specialized granite cleaning method to remove.

Porous Material 

While the stone in your home seems durable, it requires a delicate granite restoration process to prevent extensive damage such as deep cracks. When the stone in a building is untreated, we must apply water first to avoid having cleansers seep into the stone. This is because granite is a porous material that absorbs liquids that degrade the stone’s internal structures.

Commercial Cleansers 

Our technicians use a small amount of commercial cleanser on a soft cloth to rub away food stains from countertops or grass stains from floors. For stone that is sealed, our Classic Marble Restoration technicians must use stripping machines to remove the substances that have often yellowed or peeled, leading to an unattractive appearance. This is a labor intensive process to ensure the stone maintains its integrity.

Improving Sheen

Many of our customers also want expert granite polishing to have a high sheen instead of a matte finish on surfaces. The polishing process on stone requires using expensive equipment with diamond discs that shave away a tiny amount of granite. As the stone is removed, the dust is vacuumed immediately to avoid additional scratches.

Devin VanceCaring for Your Granite Floors
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