Tis the Season to Polish Your Marble, Fa-la-la-la…

Marble-HomeThe holiday season is almost here; and, if you plan on having guests at your home or festivities involving large numbers of people, you want your home to look its best. Why go to all the trouble to clean and decorate if you’re placing your platters on scratched and scuffed surfaces? Marble is a highly porous type of rock and can lose its luster relatively quickly compared to other rocks used in your home. Granite, for example, is a harder surface and requires less polishing than marble. People choose marble for its beauty and its wide variety of natural designs and colors, but that beauty comes with some maintenance to keep it looking its best. This holiday season you want your investment to look its best, so invest in marble polishing products or services.

We often offer our recommended products and surfaces to clients, as well as marble polishing tips for those with the ability to do it themselves. Many people are very DIY-oriented so directions and products can usually work out well to keep up the beauty of their marble when done consistently. However, with everything else to do during the holidays, a large DIY undertaking like marble polishing may not be something people want to invest their time in. Our level of expertise, equipment and industrial grade products enable us to get in and out same day, leaving you with beautiful marble before you even return from work or errands.

You bought a beautiful product when you purchased marble. With the proper maintenance and care, it will stay that way. This holiday season, make your home shine! This time of year gets very busy, so you may wish to have your marble resurfaced or polished now rather than later, so call today to get on the schedule.

Devin VanceTis the Season to Polish Your Marble, Fa-la-la-la…
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Natural Stone Sealing

Natural-Stone-FloorsIf you are the proud owner of marble floors, you know that nothing can match their exquisite beauty. Marble needs special care and maintenance to retain its stunning look. Unfortunately, it can be quite easy for marble to become scratched and stained. Marble cleaning is an extremely delicate procedure. Great care must be taken to avoid damaging it. That is why you need a professional stone sealing company that you can trust.

If your marble needs to be natural stone sealing, you can trust Classic Marble Restoration (CMR) Inc. to return it to its former glory. We are experts on natural stone restoration. If you own outdoor marble, it is crucial for it to be sealed in order for it to retain its beauty. Stone that is exposed to natural elements such as pollen can degrade quickly. It can easily become stained and discolored. That is why it is important to have stone sealing services on a regular basis. We offer premium quality outdoor stone sealing services. Our stone sealing will keep your marble looking as good as new!

Contact us today for a professional marble restoration company that cares. Live representatives are standing by to help you set up an appointment for natural stone restoration. Our expert technicians are eager to show you what they can do. Experience the CMR difference for yourself!

Devin VanceNatural Stone Sealing
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Protect Natural Stone with Sealants


Classic Marble Restoration Inc. provides natural stone sealing for a variety of surfaces in a building, including floors and countertops. Every type of untreated stone such as granite or marble can absorb solid or liquid debris. To prevent stains and discoloration on stone surfaces that receive a lot of use, the professional team at Classic Marble can apply protective sealants. There are several types of chemical agents that we can use to protect stone surfaces in a building.

Sealants Assist with Repelling Stains

Customers often want to know the benefits of natural stone sealing before hiring us for this important service. Depending on the chemicals we use for natural stone sealing, the marble or granite can repel water, salt or dirt to prevent cracks and chips. For decks around an outdoor swimming pool, our clients may want a sealant that resists ultraviolet light or stains from grass. Alternatively, for stone countertops in a kitchen, a sealant that repels oily food substances is a better choice.

Sealants Help to Prevent Chips

Marble sealing in a home is especially important because this is a soft stone that is marred easily with everyday wear and tear. Topical over-the-counter sealing products are ineffective in high traffic areas such as entrance ways. This is why we use commercial sealants along with quality equipment to prevent stains and discoloration along with chips on natural stone surfaces in a building.

Devin VanceProtect Natural Stone with Sealants
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Keeping Your Marble Looking Marvelous

countertop-restoration-refinishingExpert Services

At Classic Marble Restoration Inc. located in Plantation, Fla., we provide expert stone cleaning services at residential and commercial properties. Our technicians know how to clean a variety of stone, including granite and shale that are located on floors or fireplaces. Each type of stone requires specialized stain removal methods from experienced technicians to prevent damaging the material to avoid scratches.

Specialized Equipment

South Florida marble restoration is especially important because of the large number of beaches in the area. Tiny sand particles often blow inland for several miles to land on exterior stone walkways and patios. Particles of sand also enter doorways and windows to scratch stone countertops and floors. To prevent scratching surfaces, our knowledgeable technicians use specialized equipment to suction sand before it embeds in stone. We use commercial cleaning solutions on stone to dissolve stains caused by food.

Gorgeous Sheen

Our quality marble restoration includes using polishing machines equipped with diamond discs to remove a thin layer from damaged surfaces before the polishing machine vacuums the dust to avoid additional scratches. After removal of a layer of stone, our customers enjoy walls and floors that have a gorgeous sheen.

Protective Sealants

We recommend that our technicians add water-resistant sealants to stone surfaces to protect underlying adhesives such as grout. Sealants are vital to avoid damage from moisture and particles that are carried into buildings with foot traffic. In addition to working in buildings, our technicians understand how to clean stone surfaces located on watercraft.

Devin VanceKeeping Your Marble Looking Marvelous
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Classic Marble Restoration Services

fort-laudedale-marble-polishingMany homes in Miami and South Florida are considered to be some of the world’s most beautiful homes. With their stunning architecture and landscaping, they offer a distinctive and unique look. Another aspect that makes them so beautiful is the use of terrazzo, considered to be one of the world’s most popular stones for use in home decorating. But like any other stone surface, terrazzo needs regular care and maintenance to help maintain its wonderful appearance. When you are in need of terrazzo cleaning, terrazzo polishing or other services let us as Classic Marble Restoration make your terrazzo look like new again.

Specializing in terrazzo restoration and terrazzo sealing, we at Classic Marble Restoration have the knowledge, skills and experience to make the terrazzo in your home shine brighter than ever. When you use our services, you are getting more than 20 years worth of expertise in working with terrazzo. No matter what services you need, our technicians are able to get the job done in a professional and efficient manner, letting you once again start to enjoy your home as once before.

While maintaining terrazzo may sound difficult, the fact is once restored it’s very easy to maintain year after year. By giving us a call today, we’ll show you just how important customer service and satisfaction are to us. We’ll give you a free estimate, explain the procedures and answer any questions you may have. If you want the best terrazzo restoration service in Florida, contact us today.

Devin VanceClassic Marble Restoration Services
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Take Care of Your Natural Stone

Limestone Surfaces

Many homes and businesses in Florida have natural stone surfaces that require specialized care from our technicians at Marble Stone Restoration located in Plantation. One of our most popular services is travertine cleaning and sealing to remove debris from walkways and protect the stone from moisture. Travertine is a form of limestone with an uneven surface that is often used on exterior surfaces such as patios.

Stone Sealants

In addition to floors, we occasionally see travertine countertops in bathrooms or kitchens. Because this type of stone is porous, it requires cleaning and sealing frequently. The sealant on top of stone wears off eventually, leading to stains from food spills. Using traditional household cleansers to clean stone is a bad idea due to absorption of dyes and chemicals that lead to degraded materials.

Buffing Machines

Travertine polishing with specialized equipment is necessary to smooth rough edges on countertops. The wrong type of polishing equipment can lead to extensive damage such as deep cracks that collect debris. Our technicians use buffing machines with polishing pads to smooth travertine without removing too much stone. After we complete travertine polishing, our customers enjoy seeing a glossy countertop or floor.

Travertine Restoration

When limestone surfaces in buildings are damaged, customers can count on us to provide professional travertine restoration. This sedimentary rock or stone is created by nature in layers that often begins to degrade due to foot traffic on floors. Fixing this stone may include repairing underlying adhesives or replacing tiles on countertops.

Devin VanceTake Care of Your Natural Stone
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Classic Marble Restoration Services

Classic marble restoration is available to you at a low price when you utilize our company’s services. We provide customers with both residential and commercial stone restoration and beat out all of our competitors when it comes to fair and fast service. Our skilled employees have over 10 years of experience in the industry, coming out on top to assist you with the material restoration that you need.

We also provide natural stone restoration. From hotels and yachts to restaurants and homes, we can service any business or area easily. We believe so much in this type of restoration that we named our company Classic Marble Restoration as it reflects on what we do best. If you take a look at the Internet, you will see that past customers leave glowing testimonials regarding our polished restoration services.

Our company is a Fort Lauderdale marble floor polishing company, but we also visit surrounding areas provided someone needs our services. Along with offering the best and most skilled employees, we provide our workers with top-quality equipment so their work on marble flooring will be flawless. You never have to worry about overpricing or dishonesty when you do business with us; in our opinion, the customer is always right.

Devin VanceClassic Marble Restoration Services
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