Take Care of Your Natural Stone

Limestone Surfaces

Many homes and businesses in Florida have natural stone surfaces that require specialized care from our technicians at Marble Stone Restoration located in Plantation. One of our most popular services is travertine cleaning and sealing to remove debris from walkways and protect the stone from moisture. Travertine is a form of limestone with an uneven surface that is often used on exterior surfaces such as patios.

Stone Sealants

In addition to floors, we occasionally see travertine countertops in bathrooms or kitchens. Because this type of stone is porous, it requires cleaning and sealing frequently. The sealant on top of stone wears off eventually, leading to stains from food spills. Using traditional household cleansers to clean stone is a bad idea due to absorption of dyes and chemicals that lead to degraded materials.

Buffing Machines

Travertine polishing with specialized equipment is necessary to smooth rough edges on countertops. The wrong type of polishing equipment can lead to extensive damage such as deep cracks that collect debris. Our technicians use buffing machines with polishing pads to smooth travertine without removing too much stone. After we complete travertine polishing, our customers enjoy seeing a glossy countertop or floor.

Travertine Restoration

When limestone surfaces in buildings are damaged, customers can count on us to provide professional travertine restoration. This sedimentary rock or stone is created by nature in layers that often begins to degrade due to foot traffic on floors. Fixing this stone may include repairing underlying adhesives or replacing tiles on countertops.

Devin VanceTake Care of Your Natural Stone

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