Travertine Restoration and Maintenance

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Travertine restoration is a service provided by Classic Marble Restoration of Plantation, Fla. Many buildings have travertine tiles that are a form of soft limestone that is available in different colors to match a room’s décor. Most travertine tile is imported from Europe or South America, making it an expensive decorative element in a business or home. To ensure this stone has a long life span, it is imperative to care for it properly by hiring our trained technicians.

Professional Stone Care

Our professional travertine cleaning and sealing services are available in several nearby regions of southern Florida. Due to its softness and unique veining, travertine requires gentle cleansers to prevent degradation from harsh chemicals and rough equipment. Our technicians may need to strip old sealants and waxes from fireplaces, countertops and floors before removing stains from beverages and foods. To prevent cleansers from entering the natural crevices in limestone, we apply as little detergent as possible to dissolve stains.

Stone Honing Services

Honing or travertine polishing helps to bring out the beauty of the stone but requires removing a thin layer. The preferred honing method used by our technicians is using diamond particle discs on buffer machines. As our polishing devices shave off the top layer of tiles, the dust is suctioned immediately to prevent scratches from the debris. After completing travertine polishing, we can reapply protective water-resistant sealants to the stone tiles. Anyone needing travertine cleaning and sealing can contact us to learn more.

Devin VanceTravertine Restoration and Maintenance

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