How to Polish Marble Floors: 5 Simple Steps

Marble is a great option for a durable, attractive flooring option. That said, because marble is high-quality, it can also be expensive. To protect that investment, it’s important to properly care for and maintain your floors. This includes regular polishing and cleaning.

Using the wrong cleaning techniques can damage your floors, so it is important to do your research. Check out this guide to learn more about how to polish marble.

Get the Right Supplies

Before you can start cleaning and polishing your marble floors, it’s important to have the right materials. The basic supplies you will need are a mild detergent, soft cloths, polish, and marble sealant. If your marble floors have stains, you will also need a poultice to remove them.

Once you have all of the materials, you’re ready to start cleaning.

Do an Initial Cleaning

The first step to cleaning your floors is to an initial cleaning with a mild detergent. You may want to test a small area first to make sure the detergent does not discolor the floors.

If the floors have stains, you can try removing them by focusing on them with the detergent first. If the detergent does not work, you will have to use the poultice.

When applying the detergent, use a clean, soft cloth. A hard cloth could leave small scratches on your floor.

3. Apply Poultice

It is critical to remove stains in the marble before you polish it. Polishing your marble will not remove stains. Instead, it will seal the stains.

Stains that have set in will need some time to remove. To start the process, apply the poultice, cover with plastic wrap, and leave it to sit for 24 to 48 hours. If the stain is still there, try repeating the process.

Some stubborn stains may require professional treatment to remove completely. It is important to act quickly to ensure the stains do not become permanent.

4. Use a Polishing Compound

Once the stains have been removed to your liking, it is time to add the polish. Remember, do not polish your floors while the stains remain.

Apply the polish to one small section of the floor at a time, and slowly work your way across. Always start with a little bit of polish, and then add more as needed so you do not end up with excess.

5.Seal the Polish

Once the polish has dried, the last step is to seal the floors. A topical polish will sit on top of your floors and prevent them from staining.

Spray the sealant on the floor, let it sit for about 20 minutes, and then wipe it off with a soft cloth. Do not like the sealant dry fully, or it will leave streaks on your floors.

Get the Materials You Need to Polish Marble

It’s essential to regularly clean and polish marble to keep your floors in good condition.

For the best results, it’s important to have your marble floors cleaned professionally. Contact us today for a free quote to have your floors polished.

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Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips on Marble Flooring

marble-cleaning-and-restorationMarble flooring is one of the preferred floorings for people across the world. It is the elegance and aesthetics of this kind of flooring that glamorizes the interior décor of a house in a whole new way. But glamor for marble flooring can be short-lived if proper care and maintenance is not done for the same. Marble tiles are soft stone and are irritant to chemicals and other staining materials. It is porous in quality which makes it easier for them to accumulate dirt and grime. So a proper cleaning regime is very important to maintain the shining and sparkling feature of marble tiles.

Cleaning marble tiles at home is not a difficult task if one knows the proper method of doing the activity. However, cleaning with a plain washcloth and disinfectants won’t be sufficient for the marble tiles. There are three simple steps which can be followed to get the best cleaning results at home.

Arrangement of Cleaning Utensils

The first and foremost activity towards cleaning marble flooring is to arrange for all requisites. Cleaning solution for the marble tiles can be fetched by combining three teaspoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of water. Apart from this dust mop, sponges, paper towels and paper napkins should also be arranged to reduce difficulty later. Only soft materials should be used while cleaning. Brooms or bristled hard objects may damage the flooring, and the same should be strictly avoided.

Initiative for Stain Removal

Juice, sauce, coffee, cooking oil, water and may things may induce damage to the marble tiles. However, it is better to attain the problem as soon as viewed, because the more the spill stays on the floor, the more the stain gets permanent. Use a damp sponge or wet cloth along with dish wash soap to clear the area. For more permanent stains, sponge with hot water and dish washing soap can show some good results. Crushed chalk powder applied on the entire marble flooring is another way of keeping it shiny.

Allow to Dry

Last but not the least allow the floor to dry or take a mop and dry the same quickly. This is because leftover water can damage the floor again.

If still the stain remains or dirt exists, contact us for professional marble restoration in Miami.

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South Florida Commercial Natural Stone Restoration for Effective Marble Cleaning

South Florida is a well-known place that is filled with a lot of commercial set ups and it is a known fact that the commercial set ups are required to provide with the best look. So for this sake, the natural stones for flooring like marble are used so as to enhance the look of the set up. Even though it helps in providing a brilliant look, cleaning and maintaining the same is truly not an easy job. Harsh chemicals need to be avoided so that it does not result in any damage. When this is the case, it is suggested to hire the best South Florida commercial natural stone restoration company for marble cleaning to be done in an effective manner.
It is suggested to undertake the cleaning work of the marble flooring at least once a year. One of the best South Florida marble restoration firms that provides with such a service is Classic Marble Restoration. They develop a systematic approach towards the marble polishing and with this, the shine and its durability can be maintained for a long time. The right restoration techniques will be applied by them and they make sure to analyze the flooring in the right way and thereafter come up with a best course of action. Apart from the marble polishing and the cleaning work, they also undertake cleaning work of various other natural stones such as terrazzo, granite etc.
Apart from providing the stone restoration service to the commercial set ups, they also make sure to provide with stone restoration service to the condos, homes, condo associations, restaurants, yachts etc. Classic Marble Restoration has been able to provide with wonderful service to the people relating to the natural stone restoration techniques and as the organization is featured with experienced, skilled and honest craftsmanship, this aspect can be achieved easily. You can call them for a quote and with this, the professionals will be able to serve you better. So the next time if you have a requirement for the marble restoration, the best thing to do is to get in touch with this firm and with this, excellent service can be got.

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Important Services Offered by Classic Marble Restoration, Inc.


Marble comes with its own issues and residential or office owners are always worried about the services that they are not satisfied with and how the marble is not looking its best, even after spending a fortune on services. Marble restoration services provide marble polishing, marble cleaning and marble restoration depending on the damages that have been caused and the time that they will need. This makes a great difference in the budget that you will spend on natural stone cleaning. People do not consider the skills that are needed and how badly the marble is already damaged due to dirt and other issues.

The residential marble repair services work in every space like homes, offices yachts, restaurants, etc. They take utmost care to clean the dust on the marble. Do not hesitate to clear your queries regarding the way of completing the job when they are on your premises. There are other things to take care of like the furniture, lights, carpets, curtains, so ensure what they will do to take them off during the process of natural stone cleaning. The staff that comes to your premises is equipped with the latest machinery so that the job is done quickly. The natural stone restoration or travertine restoration team will also provide tips for day to day cleaning from the regular staff that does not need much labor and time. However, cleaning from marble cleaning services should be availed once annually so that they will not get damaged to the core and help to ensure smooth and shiny floors and counter tops.

Commercial marble polishing services are also available from a professional team that focuses on 100% satisfaction within a shorter period of time which is essential in commercial premises. Natural stone restoration in South Florida has efficient team for the cleaning and polishing purpose at affordable prices. Talking of commercial services, you get yacht marble cleaning services too and are quite in demand these days. If you have terrazzo, you can ask for the terrazzo repair and restoration services in South Florida as well. They help to maintain a shiny and naturally textured terrazzo in your premises.

Devin VanceImportant Services Offered by Classic Marble Restoration, Inc.
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Commercial Marble Polishing


It is important to maintain the decorum of commercial buildings like offices, restaurants, etc. you can start with floor polishing to maintain the professional look. You can take help from the professionals that are well trained in marble restoration services. The major commercial spots include bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. Having granite or a lobby with marble floor, enhances the beauty of the area you reside. You can go for natural stone cleaning ways to manage your costly floor. Trained servicemen practices natural stone restoration for maintain the stones in the field of commercial marble polishing. Different types of marble restoration services for distinctive stones are maintained.

Hotel Floor Restoration

To maintain the stone floor, everyday cleaning is necessary. There are professionals that specialize the beautification of the commercial buildings. There are many marble polishing companies that work on natural stone restoration in South Florida. They are embedded in the services like marble cleaning, repair, sealing, etc. talking about the hotels, marble stones with variations are used. Theses act as crown jewel properties of these resorts. Periodic polishing of lobby floors, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. is essential. Along with the commercial, residential marble repair techniques for maintaining kitchen, bathrooms, dining halls, living room are entertained.

Advantages of Marble Restoration

Natural stone restoration is the result of improper cleaning. Proper care for the stones like yacht marble, terrazzo, travertine stone, etc. is important to carry. Terrazzo repair and restoration involve proper maintenance techniques to enhance the stone quality. Yacht marble cleaning is easy to maintain with the help of mild stain cleansers. Another facility provided by the companies is travertine restoration that is becoming common now a day. You can take the assistance of the professional from companies dealing with maintenance and servicing of the stones. Regular marble cleaning services earn several advantages. A lustrous floor with bright color can exude the class and standard.

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