Remove Ugly Grime on Marble

Luxury yachts and hotels often have beautiful natural stone surfaces that require expert care from our Classic Marble Restoration business in Florida. Terrazzo cleaning is necessary occasionally to remove grime that builds up on floors or walls. A thick film of dirt from heavy foot traffic makes it difficult for guests to see the attractive colors of stone tiles set in cement or epoxy in a beautiful pattern. Because terrazzo is a composite surface, it has a lot of grouting that will degrade with harsh treatment.

Improve Stone’s Luster

Applying moisture to natural stone is the best way to prevent cleansers from seeping into the materials. However, we must apply water carefully to avoid damaging the resins that hold the tiny stone tiles on underlying surfaces. Our technicians use gentle cleansers made without dyes that can absorb into natural stone or cement. Terrazzo polishing can improve the luster of the gorgeous stone tiles, but removing too much of the marble, glass or quartz destroys the appearance of a design.

Fix Loose Tiles

Terrazzo restoration is frequently necessary to repair loose tiles or replace missing grout. We suggest having problems with damaged tiles or sealants fixed as quickly as possible to prevent additional problems. Our technicians also remove yellowed wax or peeling sealants before applying new chemicals to protect stone tiles from the effects of saltwater or particles of sand. Our Classic Marble Restoration technicians use professional terrazzo polishing equipment to eliminate chips and scratches from stone.

Devin VanceRemove Ugly Grime on Marble
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Maintaining Stone’s Sheen

Classic Marble Restoration of Florida provides commercial and residential marble polishing services to help maintain this stone’s sheen. Our trained technicians have worked in a variety of buildings throughout this area for over 10 years. We understand how to care for different types of stone, including granite, quartz and marble to prevent damage from harsh cleansers and tools. Our company uses a specialized machine with diamond particle discs to smooth chips and cracks from stone before vacuuming the fine dust.

Use Soft Cloths

We are happy to provide marble cleaning tips to our clients to help them maintain stone surfaces between professional natural stone restoration appointments. When liquids are spilled on stone countertops or floors, it is a good idea to use a soft cloth to soak up the moisture as quickly as possible. This is because moisture will seep into the porous surface of stone items that do not have sealants. When a stain is left behind by a liquid, never use surfactants with dyes to remove the spots from grout or stone.

Apply Protective Sealants

Our natural stone restoration technicians can remove stains and scratches from tiles located on the interior and exterior of buildings. In addition to removing dirt from floors and countertops carefully, we can replace resins and cements that hold stone tiles firmly in place. To protect marble, quartz or granite from extensive damage caused by dirt, we suggest that clients have us apply fresh coats of wax or sealants.

Devin VanceMaintaining Stone’s Sheen
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Countertop Repair and Restoration in South Florida

Marble is probably the most stunning natural stone used in homes, hotels, offices and yachts. Whether having your beautiful countertops honed or polished, repair and restorations are a must to keep the stone looking beautiful for years!  Honed marble is very scratch resistant because it lacks the glossy surface of polished marble. Therefore, when honed marble does get scratched, it is not obviously reflected when light hits it.  Polished marble has a shiny coat which acts as a type of protection, therefore allowing it to withstand stains better. However, the reflective characteristic of the finish makes it more prone to scratches.  Similar to you and I, marble stone goes through good times and bad times. You could say that it wears its feelings on its sleeve, and its scars never heal. This is when you have to give Classic Marble Restoration and call to heal and make your natural stone look new again.

Basic Natural Stone Maintenance

For small stains that appear on your countertop wiping it immediately is ideal. Especially with honed marble, this soaks up liquid spills faster than polished marble. Also cleaning with basic marble cleaner or soap and water does help with keeping the countertops nice and clean.


To maintain that brand new, just installed look over the years, a professional cleaning is required and the only company that lives up to its reputation is Classic Marble Restoration. We handle all kinds of issues that come with repairing and restoring natural stoneware, from water stains to cracks in the marble and everything in between. At Classic Marble Restoration, we take pride in the quality we bring out in the marble and the wonderful customer service we provide.

For more information on our marble countertop restoration services or to get a free estimate, feel free to give us a call.

Devin VanceCountertop Repair and Restoration in South Florida
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