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Granite Polishing South Florida

South Florida Granite Restoration

“Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. is a marble cleaning company that has been performing Granite Polishing Services along with regular “Cleaning” for other natural stone surfaces throughout southeast Florida for nearly 2 decades. Granite needs professional cleaning every so often. If not properly maintained – erosion and irreparable damage will occur.”

The word “granite” originates from the word “granum,” meaning grain. It is comprised of small and large grains of crystals. This stone originates as a molten mass of magma, and then begins to form into the rock granite as it cools… usually over the span of millions of years.
Durable, Distinctive, & Strong
Granite’s most useful characteristics include strength and durability.

This exceptional and stylish natural stone is one of the oldest, hardest, and strongest decorative and useful materials available. It is a luxurious natural stone with infinite colors and patterns to choose from. It conveys strength and longevity… and uniqueness in the world.

Granite is a very versatile stone which varies greatly in price. It can be found in a country farmhouse to an ultra-contemporary high rise apartment. Regardless – it makes a statement! It is most commonly found in kitchens for their countertop surfaces, as well as bathroom vanity-tops. It is easily cleaned and wears well in some of the harshest household conditions.

The dominant minerals found in true granite are quartz, orthoclase, plagioclase, biotitesilicates, and feldspar. Quartz is the single most important mineral in the stone… it’s not granite without quartz.

True granite is sometimes easy to distinguish because of its lighter colors. Usually the colors are whites, pinks, tans, or light grays – and the color is uniform throughout the stone. If you see a stone of another color or with a wild pattern, it’s probably not granite (although it sometimes can be).

Granite is a very highly durable siliceous stone. It is much more resilient when compared to marble; it is more resistant to the acids found in lemons, vinegars, and some cleaning products, which mean most granites do not easily etch. Granite is an easy stone to live with and actually pretty forgiving too.

Some granites are also “’scratch-resistant.” They may not scratch even when cut on. Things such as keys, coins, utensils, and appliances will not scratch certain granites either. Granite can actually dull your knives! Another plus… many granites can withstand heat up to 1200o degrees Fahrenheit. This makes a wonderful stone surface for you chefs out there.

Even though granite is very hard, it may still chip and crack. Typically granites with larger visible crystals are more prone to these issues, especially around your undermount sink cut-out and edges.

A lot of times these chips are small and not very noticeable, but other times they may be visible and inconvenient. Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. can repair these chips for you and conceal them. Contact us to learn more about these techniques!

Should I Seal My Granite

In my opinion, if your surface has holes, voids, pits, or pores – it should be sealed. Although lighter granites are more susceptible to staining, dark stones can stain too. This is a process that should be performed on a pro-active basis, usually every few years to preserve the stone. Prior to sealing your granite, Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. will thoroughly clean and disinfect the stone’s surface to allow for better absorption of the sealer.

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