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marble-countertop-maintenanceTaking care of your marble surfaces is imperative to ensure its longevity. Marble has the ability to completely change the look and feel of a space, but can look tired and aged when not maintained properly. Since marble is a natural stone, it has the tendency to etch and scratch easily.

Marble countertops endure a lot of wear and tear making them susceptible to spills and damage easily.

In order to keep a long lasting appeal, marble needs to be routinely cleaned, polished, and restored. As a natural stone, marble needs the proper balance of moisture and care in order to look its absolute best.

Maintaining Your Marble Countertops

In between professional marble restoration treatments, it’s important that you take precautions in order to prevent marble countertops from aging. This includes using placemats, coasters, and table clothes every time that you intend on eating on the counter. This will ensure that the marble does not get etched when plates and glasses rub against it.

It’s crucial that spills be cleaned up immediately to ensure that the liquid doesn’t seep into the porous stone and permanently stains it. If you happen to leave liquid spills on your countertop, especially acid liquids such as lemon water, alcoholic beverages, and soda, it can cause irreversible damage to your beautiful marble countertop. If these liquids are not wiped up right away, the acid in the drinks reacts to the marble and easy away at the calcium carbonate, causing damage.

Cleaning your marble countertop with a sponge and cloth is a great way to keep them it in optimal condition in between expert cleanings. This method is safe on the most popular marble finishes such as honed and polished marble. A honed finish looks and feels smoother to the touch and boasts a more satiny look when compared to polished stone. Honed marble is much more porous than its counterpart and will stain easier as well. In this sense, honed marble should be reserved for areas of your home that only receive a fair amount of traffic, as to keep its luster in check.

Apply a sealant on a monthly basis will ensure that your marble doesn’t have the opportunity to soak up liquids and become damaged. Sealer is most definitely recommended for all types of natural stone if you intend on maintaining its beauty.

Call The Professionals

It’s always advantageous to clean your marble on a regular basis in order to maintain its luster. It is also advisable to get your stone professionally cleaned at least twice a year. At Classic Marble Restoration, our experts have the skills and expertise to restore your marble countertops and a variety of other natural stones. Contact us today at 866-863-4251 for a free estimate on our South Florida marble restoration services.



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