Marble Restoration for Commercial Properties


Own a Commercial Property? Marble Care is Essential!

At Classic Marble, we have marble restoration professionals who take great pride in their work…and it shows!  You may not know it, but most of our commercial marble cleaning projects can be seen in many popular South Florida locations.  From popular hotels, to office buildings, to tourist destinations, they’ve all trusted Classic Marble Restoration for their marble cleaning, polishing and restoration needs.

Commercial Marble Cleaning is No Different Than Residential Marble Cleaning

Just like with our residential marble cleaning and restoration services, commercial cleaning should be an essential part of your yearly maintenance.  Just about every commercial property using some sort of natural stone within its construction.  Higher trafficked areas are more prone to wear and tear, therefore need more attention.  Aside from keeping a professional look, keeping up with marble cleaning and restoration keeps safety a priority.

No matter what your commercial marble restoration needs, you can count on Classic Marble Restoration to be your go-to team!


Devin VanceMarble Restoration for Commercial Properties