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Kitchen Marble Polishing South Florida

Stone Restoration

kitchen-tableSouth Florida Kitchen Marble Restoration

As we all know, when we cook accidents may happen. This is why you need Kitchen Stone Restoration Your pasta sauce may splatter onto the surrounding areas; a piece of fish may fly out of the pan when sautéing it; other foods, their juices, and oils can splash or fall from your pot or pan when cooking. Also, when you wash your pots and pans water and its food contaminants are most likely flinging and flying around on to your surrounding countertops, backsplashes, and floors.

Even if you don’t see all of your foods residual damage – it is getting absorbed into your natural stone and festering until it is deep-cleaned. Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. will not only clean your stone, but we will disinfect it too. Lastly, when these stone surfaces are thoroughly cleaned we will apply a stone-specific sealer to it for future protection and easy household cleaning. We re-caulk sinks and backsplashes too.

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