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Commercial Marble Polishing & Restoration South Florida

Marble Floor Polishing

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. is known for reliability and getting your job done correctly – always on the first service. This is why we have become a staple in Commercial property settings, this is why we perform regular commercial marble polishing.

classic-marble-residentialHaving marble flooring or tabletops can add a significant amount of professionalism and luxury to a commercial property. Whether you are investing in residential properties, managing hotels, or running a bar or restaurant, having luxurious marble creates an elegant and clean environment.

With such an investment in beautiful natural stone, this means the marble must be properly maintained and cannot go left unchecked. Through regular proper maintenance, you can help prevent stains and damage to the natural, but over time this does build up and you’ll need to contact Classic Marble Restoration for a non-invasive and cost-effective service plan for your building’s marble maintenance. We offer free consultations and specialize in the cleaning, restoration and maintenance of granite, marble, terrazzo, limestone, and onyx natural stones.

Property Management

If you have any type of property, you know that having a beautiful, sparkling, dust and stain free marble reception makes a striking visual appearance and must be maintained properly for that wow effect.

Lobbies and elevators are the most common places for marble and are also the most heavily traveled spaces, and with regular foot traffic through these areas, the surface of the natural stone can wear down and lose its luster over time. With regular wipe downs and gentle care, your marble will be sparkling in the short term but will require regular deeper treatments to prevent stains and dents from setting deeper.

Classic Marble Restoration provides non-invasive and efficient marble cleaning and restoration solutions to keep your marble like new. With regular service plans, we will help keep your elegant natural stone polished and restored on a proactive basis to keep your marble shining.

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Hotel Marble Polishing

When a vacationer enters a hotel, a beautiful lobby will put their mind at ease and help stresses slip away. From elegant lobby flooring, countertops, and elevators, to in-room touches, marble creates an elegant appearance that guests appreciate. Though with such a high flow of traffic through a hotel, it can be difficult to keep the natural stone looking pristine. Regular cleaning by staff may not be enough to keep a marble floor looking its best, and that’s where Classic Marble Restoration comes in. From routine polishing and restoration to teaching your staff proper cleaning marble techniques, we can help you combat the wear and tear of daily usage.

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Condo Marble Polishing & Restoration

If you live in or have visited, a condominium, either in the high-rise life or more down-to-earth, you know what a building with marble or natural stone can do for the appeal. Coming home to beautiful stone on the lobby floor can make a huge difference.

To keep up with the luxurious entry it is important to keep the marble clean and polished and to routinely repair wear and tear that is bound to occur. For regular, every-day cleaning, dusting or sweeping off dirt and cleaning up stains will be effective, however, time and age can do harm to your marble.

Having Classic Marble Restoration as part of your maintenance crew, we’ll devise a strategy to effectively polish and maintain the stone throughout the building’s lobby, elevators, bathrooms, and other spaces to maintain that luxurious feel your residents appreciate.

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Bar/Restaurant Marble Polishing & Restoration

When it comes to bars and restaurants, it can be challenging to weigh the overall benefits of installing a luxurious marble or stone countertop or floor with the negatives of dealing with everyday food and drink spills. With any natural stone, accidents that aren’t properly treated can cause long term damage to the area as chips grow and stains set in deeper. From a shattered plate to spilled glass of red wine, accidents happen and your marble will eventually tell all the tales of your guests if not maintained on a regular basis.

Classic Marble Restoration will bring your natural stone and terrazzo flooring and fixtures back to looking new again while providing regular maintenance to keep the marble or stone at your high standards. Whether extensive repairs, restorations or deep cleans are needed, or regular polishing for protection, we’ll restore and protect your marble against future accidents.

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When it comes to your everyday office, having a beautiful stone and marble floor boosts professionalism to both employees, as well as clients and customers. Walking into a beautiful layout of pure stone floors leading into a luxurious lobby and elevator can bring a sense of ease and confidence to anyone.

Although daily activities can keep a shallow appearance and regular dusting and sweeping can keep the stone looking fresh, eventually, the wear and tear of daily usage will become visible. Classic Marble Restoration offers a wide variety of cleaning options including polishing, cleaning and maintenance programs to keep your stone looking its best.

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