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Hotel Marble Polishing South Florida

Don’t you just love going away on vacation and staying at a beautiful hotel. From the moment you walk into the lobby you feel your everyday stresses just melt away. A large part of this may be due to the lavish and ornate marble lobby. That is why you need to have hotel marble restoration in your hotel lobby. Its beautiful natural stone flooring that is highly colorful and highly reflective just exudes class and wealth.

South Florida Hotel Marble Restoration

What you don’t realize is the amount of effort that is required for this hotel to clean and maintain this stone floor. From everyday cleaning to professional regular marble and stone maintenance – there is an ongoing battle when dealing with everyday foot-traffic and luggage carts.

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. specializes in the beautification of many hotels and commercial properties throughout South Florida. Some of our most recognizable Hotel Clients are the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach and the Palm Beach Breakers Hotel. These marble lobbies are the crown jewels of these resort properties – and you know it from the second you arrive.

We often perform periodic marble polishing to lobby floors, elevators, bathrooms, and reception desks. Some of the necessary service procedures are: Marble Polishing, Restoration, Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair, and Sealing.

For more pictures of the Fontainebleau Hotel Lobby

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