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Natural Stone & Marble Maintenance South Florida

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. takes great pleasure and pride in maintaining properties and homes throughout Southeast Florida. Many of our maintenance clients in addition to residences are: Condominiums, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Malls, Airports, Yachts, and Cruiseships. If you have Marble or another type of Natural Stone or Terrazzo, then you may know the amount of work that goes into keeping these surfaces looking “like-new.”


The Importance Of Routine Marble Cleaning

Marble flooring can be very expensive, and for most homeowners, installing this type of flooring is one of the biggest home improvement investments you will make. Therefore, you will want to ensure that your marble floors always look as beautiful as they did when they were first installed. 

At Classic Marble Restoration, we understand that no two marble floors are alike, and each one requires a specific cleaning process in order for the material to retain its luster and shine. For example, marble on a yacht, mall, cruise ship, and the airport is most likely to get dirty and even damaged due to overuse. Such jobs need greater efficiency and perfection due to the large capacity of the area. 

Marble and natural stone maintenance comes in different sizes, depending on the location, size and previous upkeep.  Below are a few examples of professional marble and natural stone maintenance procedures:

  • Marble grinding
  • Adding Epoxy
  • Marble stripping
  • Re-sanding
  • Polishing and cleaning
  • Post-inspection and walk-through

If your marble flooring is in need of a touch-up, or if you need regular maintenance, give us a call today at 866-578-3600. We look forward to providing you with high-quality natural stone and marble maintenance services that will retain its beauty for many years to come.

Are you Maintaining Your Marble Floors Properly?

Marble Floor Maintenance - Florida

Marble is widely popular all around the world for its durability and natural glaze. Have you installed marble in your commercial or residential space? Are you aware of the best way to maintain your marble floors? Marble is very porous and needs proper care to ensure that it lasts a long time. 


Why Marble Floors Need Proper Maintenance 

  • With regular access, the natural glaze of the marble is reduced which makes it look discolored.
  • Cracks can develop on the marble pieces due to high pressure or accidental drops. Proper maintenance will help repair these cracks and stop them from spreading.
  • Marble polishing is essential because the salt air can contribute to the dull look of marble floors. With regular polishing, your floors will shine like new for a long time.
  • Regular marble cleaning can help keep dust and other particles from damaging your marble floors. Expert professionals are well equipped and knowledgeable to assure that you get the best cleaning results.
  • Natural marble is certainly a stronger flooring material, but marble is more susceptible to heat and pressure, in turn, needing more maintenance to prevent damages.
  • Marble is also a porous material that gathers stains and several other unwanted elements which can decrease the attractiveness of your marble surfaces.

Avoid Rough Treatment

There are several important marble cleaning tips that will keep the stone on countertops and floors looking fantastic between professional natural stone restoration services from our technicians. Because stone is a porous material, never use over-the-counter cleansers that contain dyes or fragrances that can seep into surfaces to cause an ugly discoloration or stain. Avoid using rough equipment such as hard-bristled brooms or heavy-duty vacuum cleaners that can scratch the surface of marble floors.

Why Hire Us For Marble Polishing and Restoration Services

  • A lot of cleaning products in the market may give you a good shine on your marble immediately but they will cause more harm down the road.
  • At Classic Marble Restoration, our professionals use specialized natural cleaning materials to clean and polish the marble floors without harming the material.
  • Attempting to repair cracks yourself could result in further damage to the marble surfaces. Our professionals will use the proper tools to ensure no extra damage is caused and the crack is repaired to look brand new.
  • We are able to provide the best customer service to residential and commercial customers.

You need to hire a well experienced and trustworthy marble restoration service provider to protect your investment in marble for your home.

Specialized Equipment for Natural Stone and Marble Maintenance

Marble Damage Assessments South Florida NaplesFlorida marble restoration is especially important because of the large number of beaches in the area. Tiny sand particles often blow inland for several miles to land on exterior stone walkways and patios. Particles of sand also enter doorways and windows to scratch stone countertops and floors. 

To prevent scratching surfaces, our knowledgeable technicians use specialized equipment to suction sand before it embeds in stone:

  • Polishing Machines – Our quality marble restoration includes using polishing machines equipped with diamond discs to remove a thin layer from damaged surfaces before the polishing machine vacuums the dust to avoid additional scratches. After removal of a layer of stone, our customers enjoy walls and floors that have a gorgeous sheen.
  • Protective Sealants – We recommend that our technicians add water-resistant sealants to stone surfaces to protect underlying adhesives such as grout. Sealants are vital to avoid damage from moisture and particles that are carried into buildings with foot traffic. In addition to working in buildings, our technicians understand how to clean stone surfaces located on watercraft.
  • Buffing Machines – Travertine polishing with specialized equipment is necessary to smooth rough edges on countertops. The wrong type of polishing equipment can lead to extensive damage such as deep cracks that collect debris. Our technicians use buffing machines with polishing pads to smooth travertine without removing too much stone. After we complete travertine polishing, our customers enjoy seeing a glossy countertop or floor.

Contact Classic Marble Restoration for Marble Maintenance

For cleaning, polishing, and maintenance services that will keep your marble or natural stone looking its best, Florida residents can depend on the Classic Marble Restoration professionals. Our family-owned and operated business specializes in marble flooring restoration, cleaning, sealing, and polishing. When you are in need of professional floor cleaning and maintenance services, you can contact our experts here at Classic Marble Restoration for a FREE estimate!

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