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Marble Damage Assessments South Florida Naples

At Classic Marble Restoration, damage is temporary, but marble is forever!

Florida Marble Damage Assessments

Marble is a lovely stone that has many uses in homes, businesses, or aboard yachts. From countertops to flooring and more, it adds instant luxury. The downside is that marble can be prone to damage, such as cracks, stains, scratches, etching, chips, and pits. So, in order to flaunt marble flooring or countertops that impress your clients or visitors, it’s crucial to have any damage, even if ever so slight, assessed and repaired.

Classic Marble Restoration is your trusted marble restoration specialist in the South Florida and Naples area. We can perform immediate assessments and make any needed repairs to ensure your marble remains polished and pristine for years to come.


Although marble is known for being a durable stone that lasts for decades, it can have weak spots. These areas won’t be obvious until something hard hits the marble in that spot, causing cracks to form. Cracks can vary in severity from those that run through the entire slab to smaller ones that are contained to a specific section. Being as careful as possible when placing objects on your countertops is a good way to prevent these cracks. But we understand, accidents happen! So, when a crack forms, call us to assess the damage immediately.


Stains occur when liquids or substances containing “color” get absorbed by your marble surface. This beautiful stone is naturally porous, which is why it should be properly sealed and polished regularly. You need to be diligent when handling liquids around your marble countertops and floors. A spilled jar of spaghetti sauce on a white marble countertop can certainly get absorbed, leaving behind an unwanted, visible stain should you not wipe up the mess right away. But not to worry, we can likely remove the stain and then restore your marble’s eloquent beauty once again.


Scratches occur when something rough brushes against your marble’s smooth surface, or when a heavy object has been dragged. Since the stone is porous and soft, everything from an errant knife to the swipe of a metal necklace can cause a scratch to form, as well as chairs and furniture that slide around. Luckily, scratches are usually superficial and reversible.


When an acidic liquid ends spills on your marble, it can leave behind a noticeable mark on the marble’s finish. This is called etching. Acidic liquids, which include everyday things like coffee, wine, orange juice, and tomato sauce, eat away at the polished surface of the stone. Even if you clean them up as soon as possible, etching can still occur. While etching is more noticeable in lighter colored marble, the damage to the finish can also be seen in darker shades of the stone as well. The damage often resembles a duller or lighter section that’s very obvious when compared to the rest of the marble.

Chips and Pits

Chips form, like cracks, when something heavy hits a marble slab in just the right spot. Unlike cracks, chips are more cosmetic, occurring at the surface level. Another form of chips is called pits, which are even smaller and occur due to trauma to the crystals inside of the stone. Setting down a heavy tool in the same spot over a period of time can cause unsightly pits to form.

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