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Marble Floor Polishing South Florida

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. has been Polishing marble and all other natural stone and terrazzo surfaces for 15 years. It is very common for people to misuse the term “polishing” when referring to their stone and its need for some kind of professional help.

classic-marble-servicesThere are many different procedures for cleaning, restoring, and maintaining natural stone.
Specifically, “polishing” is the process that alters the existing finish of your natural stone and marble. Polishing, when used by itself, can improve the shine of a current state of your stone – but in most cases it is needed after some form of grinding and/or honing process. Generally speaking, “polishing” is just part of a process – but can also be used to maintain an existing finish if not already too worn.

The following are the 2 main forms of polishing that Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. utilize:

  • Powder Polishing – This is performed by chemical means with the use of dry minerals and organic acids combined with water to create different degrees of shine.
  • Diamond Polishing (sometimes called “diamond honing”) – This form of polishing is a mechanical method. We use diamond abrasive tools with our machinery that works by creating various amounts of friction to naturally produce a sheen.


The following product and process is becoming more and more popular due to its quick and cost-effective nature. It is not true “polishing:”

Crystallization – a.k.a. “Wax.” This is a highly controversial process that utilizes a liquid (crystallizer) that is generally sprayed on a surface and buffed with a polishing pad and steel wool. The steel wool heats up the product to create a chemical reaction with the stone and waxes to produce a shine. Over time and with excessive use, crystallization will clog a stone’s pores, build up a wax-like finish, and potentially lead to other permanent problems such as “spalling.”

Many so-called “marble polishing companies” rely on this process as their central polishing method to make a stone shiny. They are a disservice to the public by selling a bad and cost-effective method that is quickly ruining the market for earnest marble and stone polishing companies that believe in promoting natural methods to preserve one’s stone – not degregate it.

Devin VanceMarble Floor Polishing South Florida