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Marble Honing Services and Natural Stone Polishing in South Florida

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. offers a variety of services for your marble and other natural stone surfaces. Among the many procedures, honing is utilized to perfect the “finish.” Honing consists of techniques to “tweak” your stone and create your desired uniform finish throughout an area.

marble honing services in south florida

Marble and natural stone have been used for ages to build some of the most exquisite and luxurious structures ever known to man. The amazing shimmer of marble provides floors and walls with an elegant and striking appeal. 

Marble can give your home that glamorous look with a shiny and smooth surface. However, your marble can appear dull due to abrasives such as acids and salts capable of affecting their appearance. Maintaining the sparkle of your home’s marble floor may seem difficult, especially if you are always entertaining visitors.

Classic Marble Restoration is a South Florida family-owned marble, travertine, and natural stone restoration company with experience in marble honing, polishing, maintenance, sealing and other stone restoration services.

With years of experience providing unparalleled services in marble honing and stone restoration, we can proudly say that no one does it better than us in the South Florida area. Our stone cleaning technicians are top professionals who take pride in exceeding the expectations of all our clients.

We boast a service profile that includes honing and maintenance for marble and natural stone floors across residential and commercial properties, hotels, and yachts throughout Florida and the Caribbean.

Classic Marble Restoration Vs. Do-it-Yourself or Other Marble Restoration Options

Do-it-yourself marble honing is a challenging task, and the success rate is frequently low. Marble honing services require a measure of expertise for effective results.

Engaging in a do-it-yourself approach without the necessary skills and expertise in marble honing can put your marble floor at a greater risk of damage and disrepair.

Similarly, hiring amateurs to hone and maintain your marble can equally cause severe damage to your floors and other surfaces. 

Why You Need a Top Professional for Your Marble Honing and Maintenance


how to polish marble

The elegant and radiant look of marble requires around-the-clock attention and frequent cleaning to maintain.  To prevent your marble floor from looking dull, you should hire the services of a company with skilled professionals to handle your marble honing and maintenance.

The task of keeping your marble floor clean and attractive is a tough one that requires an in-depth understanding of the nature of marble and natural stone – and how they react to acidic cleaning agents. Here are some reasons why you may need an expert to polish your marble rather than doing it on your own:

#1. Ensures the Longevity of Your Marble

Marble honing and maintenance services are a craft that requires intricate knowledge and skill in cleaning marble surfaces. Hiring a professional for your marble honing services would guarantee your marble’s durability as they can effectively polish your marble without damaging it.

Classic Marble Restoration has some of the best cleaning technicians in the business who can effectively deliver an amazing job of honing and polishing your marble.

#2. Boosts the Value of Your Property

It would help if you never undermined the value a well-maintained marble floor can offer your home. The luxurious appeal of your marble plays a huge factor with respect to the value of your property. At Classic Marble Restoration Inc., we take pride in restoring your marble floor to its glistening and sparkling state.

#3. You are Guaranteed an Outstanding Result

One mistake several people make is that they assume paying less for marble honing services and maintenance is a way of saving money. However, you must recognize that marble polishing is a serious business that requires the right technique, expertise, and mastery. Therefore, hiring a non-professional to save cost is certainly a bad idea. Contracting with a professional for your marble cleaning services is a guaranteed way of getting desired results. 

Our Marble Honing Services

Condo Balcony Marble Floor Cleaning Restoration

Honing marble entails making the natural stone shiny and smooth. Marble honing is a method of scrubbing your marble and evening out the surface luster. Our marble honing technique entails removing rough spots to giving your marble level and lusterless surface.

A smooth surface is necessary to give your marble a shiny look because light deflects in all directions whenever it hits a rough surface. The refracted light goes back to our eyes, making dull marble surfaces stand out when not cared for properly.

Once your marble surface has been honed, we recommend the sealing of the marble surface to prevent it from absorbing fluids from spills. After honing, we will polish the marble to ensure a shiny and luxurious look.

Maintaining Your Marble

After honing and polishing your marble, maintenance is another area you must take seriously. Sustaining your marble’s elegance is our topmost priority at Classic Marble Restoration Inc.

We offer our clients the necessary knowledge they need to keep their marble and natural stone clean and shiny. Substances such as fruit juice, soda, alcohol, coffee, makeup, and butter must not be allowed to stay uncleaned on your marble for extended periods. For cases that demand extreme or emergency cleaning, you should contact the services of a reliable company such as Classic Marble Restoration.

Tips for Keeping Marble Counters in Good Standing

Marble may a perfect fit for your countertops because of its luster and elegance. However, you must keep it in good condition by applying the following tips.

  •       Clean it daily: if you are using a marble countertop, ensure the surfaces are cleaned daily by wiping off traces of food and drinks.
  •       Carry out regular maintenance: As part of taking care of your marble countertop, you should have your countertops sealed to prevent stains and damages. 

Marble Honing in Florida


fort lauderdale marble honing

Given our roots in South Florida, Classic Marble Restoration Inc. appreciates and recognizes marble as an exquisite stone that requires nurturing and maintenance in the homes and businesses of countless Floridians. We are committed to providing knowledge to our customers about how to maintain their marble for long after their initial need for our expert services.

With dedicated and passionate professionals, we have taken the task of marble honing and restoration to a level unmatched by any other competitor in Florida. Our technicians are well informed and show extraordinary skill in giving your marble that luxurious look.

If your marble floor, counters, or walls are already polished but etched, we are just a call away from reinvigorating your worn-out marble. Classic Marble Restoration Inc. is a leading marble and natural stone services company in Florida that has made excellence its standard across polishing, honing, and maintenance solutions.

Call Classic Marble Restoration today at 954-578-3600 for a free estimate and the highest level of care for your surfaces.

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