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Marble Polishing Service South Florida

South Florida Marble Polishing

Since 1999, Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. has been providing an exceptional marble polishing service and quality customer service South Floridians deserve. Whether you own a condo on Fort Lauderdale Beach or a restaurant in Downtown Miami, Classic Marble offers only the highest quality marble polishing and restoration services in the Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade County area.

Classic Marble Restoration brings back the natural glow your marble and stone floors need with marble floor polishing services. We specialize in polishing marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone and more – all right here in South Florida!

Residential Properties

Whether you have a home or condo that needs stone polishing, we handle all types of marble and stone floor polishing needs. We also polish and restore marble showers and granite countertops!

Although marble living room, bathroom, and kitchen floors first undergo the grinding and honing phases, it is essential that you don’t forget the final phase – polishing your floors! Your kitchen and bathroom countertops also deserve a luxurious reflective finish. Polishing is the icing on the cake.

Are your home stone floors significantly porous? On a positive note, you aren’t the only one! Many stones found in South Florida homes are extremely porous and can be negatively affected by harsh chemicals. Using a professional floor polishing company like Classic Marble is the best way to ensure proper restoration.

Commercial Properties

Investing in residential properties? Managing hotels? Or running a bar/restaurant business? It’s important you maintain a professional look. Classic Marble Restoration can help enhance your commercial properties with professional marble polishing services.

Hotels, restaurants, bars, office etc. are high-traffic areas. Whether it’s to the guest check-in desk or coming and leaving the restaurant lobby area, people are constantly on the go.  With so many people moving from place to place, marble floors need to be maintained regularly.

First impressions are important. When your guests or customers enter your business, your marble floors should never appear dull and spotty. Hiring a professional company like Classic Marble, will have your guests and clients walking on smooth, shiny marble and stone floors.


Since 1997, Classic Marble Restoration has been serving yachts not only in the South Florida area, but also in some areas in the Caribbean – the Bahamas and Aruba.

We focus on marble polishing floors and also bar tops. Being out at sea means yachts are constantly dealing with the sea salt in the air and water, this causes the marble in yachts to quickly become dull and damaged.

If you ever encounter your yacht’s marble stained or affected by erosion, you should first hire an experienced company who can properly treat the marble on your luxury yacht.

CMR Marble Polishing

While there are certainly a number of marble floor polishing companies in the South Florida area, no marble restoration company compares to the service and quality offered by Classic Marble. Using the correct floor polishing materials and equipment is essential to giving your floor that shine you’re looking for.

Classic Marble Restoration uses two main forms of marble polishing:

  • Powder Polishing – This is performed by chemical means with the use of dry minerals and organic acids combined with water to create different degrees of shine.
  • Diamond Polishing (sometimes called “diamond honing”) – This form of polishing is a mechanical method. We use diamond abrasive tools with our machinery that works by creating various amounts of friction to naturally produce a sheen.

Using state-of-the-art marble polishing equipment, technology, and technicians with only the best cleaning materials, Classic Marble is sure to bring the life back to your marble floors.

If you’re looking for the top marble polishing company in the area, call us today! We’d be happy to explain our marble polishing process, as well as talk to you about all of our marble polishing services (Hablamos Español)!

The following product and process is becoming extremely popular due to its quick and cost-effective nature. It is not true “polishing”:

Crystallization – a.k.a. “Wax.” This is a highly controversial process that utilizes a liquid (crystallizer) that is generally sprayed on a surface and buffed with a polishing pad and steel wool. The steel wool heats up the product to create a chemical reaction with the stone and waxes to produce a shine. Over time and with excessive use, crystallization will clog a stone’s pores, build up a wax-like finish, and potentially lead to other permanent problems such as “spalling.”

Many so-called “marble polishing companies” rely on this process as their central polishing method to make a stone shiny. They are a disservice to the public by selling a bad and cost-effective method that is quickly ruining the market for earnest marble and stone polishing companies that believe in promoting natural methods to preserve one’s stone – not degrading it.

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